Sunday, August 26, 2007

This picture was caught of 2 love birds! Hard to believe it's been over 17 years! I do want you to notice who has the GREY hair and you know what the saying says! Well, at least there's still quite a bit of hair still up ther!
I'm thankful for the wonderful wife God has given me and one who loves me and does a great job as a wife and mother.

We enjoyed the corn and I enjoyed the help from our kids! Thanks to a friend from Canada, we were able to have some delicious corn.
The kids always find ways to make things fun!
Are you planting seeds for the kingdom? God calls all of His children to be planting seeds for the kingdom of God! It is our job to go out wherever God has placed us and Invest in Eternity!
People invest in things here on earth that will only last for a short time, sometimes from a few years to a few decades. Why is it that people don't take more time to invest in things that will last FOREVER! Yes, forever! Are you investing in eternity or just for the temporary?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I had to paint the whole ceiling with this 3 inch paint brush! Well, not exactly, just the corners! Just a little twisted Missionary Humor.
Thank the Lord for the good connection so that I could upload a few pictures for you. I don't have the time to wait around all day for the one time that I get a good enough connection to upload pictures. Today, God helped me to be home at the right time to get it done. So, there's always something to be thankful for! God bless!
Continue to pray for the Youth Center and we thank you for your prayers and giving!

The ceiling of the Multi-purpose room is being painted. We hope to finish the ceiling this week, have the ceiling lts. installed. Then the beginning of next week put the heating system down and the finish layer of concrete over the heating system. Then after it drys we will paint the walls. We don't want to be putting down the concrete and splattering the walls. It's a little backward than what you might think but one must be flexible!

It's been a great help to have my kids help out here and there. They have been a big blessing with clean up, organizing or handing me materials.

Using the right hand always helps! I found out the problem is that hammers are made for the wrong hand. They are made for the right hand, therefore, they are made for the wrong hand. So that's been the problem all along. Here I am driving some masonry nails, which my relatives brought from the states, into the concrete floor.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Here's the multi-purpose room that is being finished with the "glet"! What's that? Well, the interior block walls are covered with stucco. In order for us to paint these walls something has to put on the stucco. This glet, which is like drywall mud, but all hand mixed, creates a smooth finish so the paint will adhere better and look nicer. He is almost finished with the mutli-purpose room and should be finished either Monday or Tuesday.
After that, the Lord willing, we will paint the ceiling. Then before we paint the walls we must have the heating system installed on the floor and then cover that with a final coat of concrete. After the concrete drys, we will paint the walls! There's also some sheetrock to be hung downstairs and interior insulation to be put upstairs.
There are other men working on the interior stucco on the downstairs walls. The crew that was too come, never came and we decided to go a different route. This route is slower for it's all done by hand but it is cheaper. The only drawback is, it takes longer. However, we felt like we couldn't just keep waiting and waiting.
We also had 3 more doors installed downstairs as well. As mentioned in prevoius posts, we've had to make decisions based upon what is most important concerning the finances. We have decided to try to get the downstairs finished first and then as finances are able, we will continue with the upstairs, the well for running water, septic system, security wall, landscaping, etc.
Continue to pray for God's leadership and wisdom! It's encouraging to see how God has helped with the Youth Center and we have no doubt that He will work everything out according to His will

Here's my sister and family, Doreen, Frank and daughter Sara as well as our 4 kids. Behind

is the beautiful parliament building in Budapest, Hungary. We were able to get a quick look at this beautiful city as dusk approached and then as the lights were turned on it became even prettier. Thanks Frank, Doreen, & Sara for all of your help! We really enoyed your time here.

Here's Frank, my brother-in-law, admiring his work! Notice the hammer that he totally annihalated like it's a twig. If you can see it, he bent it to a totally new angle. Actually, it wasn't much of a hammer to start with and I joked that it was a "Little Tikes" hammer.

My Brother-in-law, Frank Marhon was a HUGE help to me at the Youth Center, and I’m not referring to his 6’4’’ size either. We worked long and hard for 4 of the days they were here and the shortest day was 10 hrs. We were able to finish the downstairs walls that needed to be done as well as some other walls and other work that needed to be done. Thanks a bunch Frank for all of your help! Isn’t it wonderful to invest in eternity?
However, you don't have to be on a Mission field to be Investing in Eternity. God has put you in a place to be a witness for Him. He has placed you with other workers, employers, business men, and many others who need Jesus. We all enjoyed hearing Frank tell of not only how he has tried to witness for Christ at work but how God miraculously saved a man right in a welding shop and used Frank as the vessel to lead this man to Christ. May God help us all to be a verbal witness! It's not just the Pastor or Missionaries job, it's every person who has accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour.

I have a great cleanup crew! My kids enjoy helping out at the Youth Center but sometimes there are limitations since I can’t keep close watch on some of them and keep them busy all of the time. So occasionally, they come and help do some clean up. They always do a great job and it goes fast. My sister and her family were just here so Sara helped to clean up as well. Thanks for the hard work guys!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Youth Center Update!

I've been too busy to stop and take pictures of progress, but I'll try to get one this week. We are working hard on the interior of the building. Progress is being made and we are trying to trust God for the rest. We are still awaiting the interior stucco guys to come and trusting God will perform a "miracle".
We are finishing up the wood walls and tidbits of things that need to be done. There are some sections that will be ready for painting soon, on the first floor. Insulation still needs to be done upstairs as well as sheetrock, etc. Almost all of the electrical wiring has been run.
We would appreciate your prayers concerning the work and finances. We now must pick and choose what to do and what to wait on because funds are running low. You can read the reasons why on previous posts.
God is helping and will work it all out for His glory and honor, Praise His name!

My sister, her husband, and their daughter are here visiting us and after a long day of working on the Youth Center, we took a day to go to the city. While there we went to a park, mainly for Darla and Bryan's sake, but the others enjoyed it as well. Thank the Lord for the beautiful park and what is in the picture is only a small portion of the entire park. Not only was it new, nice, neat, (enough alliteration) large, but it was FREE, that's F-R-E-E! We are in to those kinds of things!

Our little Darling had a birthday recently! She's full of energy and filled wih a bubbly personality that we trust will be used for God's glory. We all enjoyed the birthday cake although it took Darla quite a few attempts to blow out all of those candles.

We harvested our fist bit of corn! Some of my family came to visit and so we decided to see if the corn was ready and eat some while they are here. Wow! That was some delicious corn on the cob. Thanks to Teresa Puzhkar from Canada who gave us some corn seed, we are enjoying it tremendously. It's the first time we've ever grown corn, and it was wonderful. We still have lots more to harvest, so we'll be able to enjoy quite a few more meals with fresh corn.