Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow"

 Over four and a half years ago, the Lord helped us to be able to purchase an old home, debt free!  However, one of the things we didn't realize was how badly the kitchen and upstairs bathroom leaked.  As a result we have slowly by God's help and as finances would allow gutted and insulated etc our home.  These next few pics show one of the stages that our home has gone through! =)  For if you've EVER done any remodeling, you'll know that it takes many steps... oft times painful steps to make any progress!  God is good and we have done our best to COUNT OUR BLESSINGS in the midst of those steps! This "sink" Daryl rigged for me made me SOOOOOO happy to have running water on this floor after 6 long months with a "dry sink". 
 There were more stages before this... check OLD blog posts from like forever ago! =)
 This is our kitchen as it appeared in Fall of 2010    THE BEFORE!

 What would be a "bar" area in our dreams some year.

 Make shift cabinets loaned to us...  how delighted I was to have our food out of boxes!!! =)

 Then last fall, my brother  and his son came through and offered their hours of love and switched our door and window around.  Bryan got some home-school 101days ~ MUCH to his DELIGHT!!!

 THEN..... God showed up and Showed OFF!!! When people "show off" we are ALLL turned off.  But when God "SHOWS OFF" we all stand back in Wonder!  And that's just what our family has been doing recently!  You see, one of our former supporters, from our days on the mission field, found out what condition our kitchen was in and contacted us.  They said that they felt that God was asking them, AS AN ACT OF FAITH, to GIVE... yes I said G.I.V.E. us a kitchen!  WOW!  I'm still BEYOND amazed! So we started yet another STAGE of the kitchen process... finding someone, best deal etc to build us a kitchen!  I can't in one blog post begin to thank all the people who have donated hours of labor, and advice in all the steps we have taken.
We finally felt God would have us contact my cousin in GA to see if he would have time etc to build us our kitchen. The only pic I have is below and they will NOT be happy with this form of advertisement... but they have to love me to get to heaven!  Hee! =) They do out-of-town jobs all the time, so if you find yourself needing a kitchen, you'll be very pleased with their work!  I say "their" Jeff builds them, but his wife Susan is truly his help meet!
 Jeff and Susan Hunt
Bryan's FAVE pose!!! =)

 I can't thank all of those other people without mentioning my wonderful husband!  He has worked COUNTLESS hours to make this Haus a Home and I am amazed!  God has given me the most wonderful, giving man alive!  I am SOOOOOOOOOOO blessed and if you can't tell, I'm totally in love with this man!!!

And NOW the AFTER!!!!

 My KITCHEN that JESUS GAVE ME!!!!  Trust in the Lord with all of thine heart; lean NOT on thine own understanding. IN ALL THY WAYS acknowledge him; and he will direct your path! Prov 3:5&6  Not that we serve God to GET.... but sometimes he gives... Just because He can!  WOW!  What an AWESOME GOD WE SERVE!!!!
 Dishwasher (not hooked up yet... but who cares) given to us by dear friends!
Plate rack.... fell in love with while in Russia years back!

 Yes, our fridge is small... but hey it works! =)

 These countertops were another way in which GOD SHOWED OFF.... I never in all my dreams, dreamed of these fancy counter tops.... But once again, God had someone in mind.  Nathan Earls from our home church came to our rescue!  Funny thing was, I didn't even know he DID countertops.  But GOD DID! Thanks Nathan and Connie!  If you live in Cinci area, We would highly recommend "Countertops By Nathan"!!!
My Pantry!

Pull outs, which I LOVE!

 A little Closer look...
I LOVE old things and so have been waiting for the year when I could FINALLY clean them off and add L.O.V.E. to the top of these cabinets. =) My kids were my right hand helpers! Home Economics at it's finest!!!! =) Yep, I got elected "Best-home-school-mom-ever", yesterday. that is!=)

 Russian Hot Tea (Chai) anyone?
Old Lunch Boxes

Wooden recipe box!

Bone handled forks from Russia and old cookie cutter and jar from my Grandmother!

Old Egg Basket a gift from a friend in IN... thanks Roseanne!

Comfort food... beans and rice anyone!

Darla listening to a story on headphones while eating a midnight snack!
Yes, we still need to add:  trim, a light fixture, an outlet cover or two... but MAN IS IT EVER FUN TO BE IN MY KITCHEN NOW!!!! I've always loved being in the kitchen... just never knew how much MORE fun it is when it's beyond GORGEOUS!!!!! Yes, I'm still workin on being classy enough, Jeff to fit in this kitchen! =)
Would you join me in asking Jesus to bless that Anonymous supporter?!  Each time I enter my kitchen, I try to remember to ask Jesus to bless them, to bless the Hunts and their business who built the cabinets and to bless the Earls and their business too.... and YOU... the many folks from CNC who have given and given and given again during each new stage of this Haus!
TO GOD BE THE GLORY, GREAT THINGS HE HATH DONE!!!! I don't EVER want to touch the glory.  It is our desire that GOD always be lifted up!