Sunday, February 24, 2008

I usually don't buy my wife dead flowers for Valentines Day because of being too practical. Both of us would rather have something living, like a plant, but the Tulips reminded both of us of Russia, where Tulips were abundant (during the summer) and they were very inexpensive.

Here's the Cake that Laura made for me for Valentines Day! It's a red velvet cake and it used to be my favorite .........until I started eating my wifes pies, which are the best pies in all of the world.

During this great month of February many great people were born, such as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Edgar Bryan and the list could go on and on. Oh by the way, I celebrated one as well! :) My kids wanted me to have a party since it's been almost 10 years since I've had one, a party that is, not a birthday. So we had a bunch of friends over and wished we could have had more, however we were concerned about parking and not having enough space. So we enjoyed a good time of fellowship together with a bunch of our friends here from CNC. Then on my actual birthday we went to my favorite restaurant, Skyline Chili. After that, we went to a Brass Concert at the University of Cincinnati. Being good Missionaries, we found out that the concert was free, otherwise we would have opted for listening to Brass on a CD.

BTW: Here's a few of the questions that were asked at my birthday party to see how much you know about me.
1. How much weight has Daryl gained since he got married?
2. What is his favorite sport?
3. What is his favorite car manufacturer?
4. How many states has he visited?
5. How many countries has he been in?
6. What is his favorite non-veggie food dish?
7. What was his favorite dog's name?
8. What is his hobby?
9. Is he right handed or left handed?
10. What foreign country did he enjoy visiting the most?
11. What historical place did he like visiting the most?
12. What Bible College did he graduate from? (smile)
13. Is he an early bird or night owl?
14. What is his least favorite household job?
Hello, after a one month break! Yes we are still alive and God is helping us but I've chosen not to keep updating. My kids and wife have been after me to update the blog so I've given in to their wishes. :) I started blogging primarily just to keep people informed as to what was going on in our lives while we were on the Mission field. So now that we have been home on furlough, I kind of put it on the back burner because I'm not one to just surf around and read other peoples blogs. I also am not one to parade everything that is going on in our lives, so I just thought I take a break.

Continue to pray for Laura's back! Progress is very slow and she's still in pain! Pray that God would heal her, for His glory!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Once a month, the youth from Christian Nation Church try to go to the Ronald McDonald house. We bring all the supplies, cook the meals ourselves, serve it, and then clean up.

Many of the people that go to the hospital need to stay there long term, for different reasons, the Ronald McDonald house, provides a place for these people to stay. One man who we met on our most recent visit brought his little boy all the way from Chicago for bone marrow transplants. The boy must be here for 45 days and this boys father is staying the entire time. One can read the hurt, on the guest's faces. It is definitly an eye opener! It is a joy to be a light in their very dark world!

Here is Grandma Bryan with her long-time friend, and prayer warrior, Mrs. Downing.

These two saints enjoyed having fellowship together and Laura said she was so blessed just to be able to take Grandma to visit Sis. Downing and sit in on the rich fellowship.

Sis. Downing has never met us before in our lives, yet she said she has been praying for us every day. May God give her many more years for we can't live without the prayers of our dear prayer warriors who support us so faithfully with their prayers.