Monday, February 09, 2015

Birthday Brag Book!

Two great men that I know and love very much share this date as their birthday!  You are both cringing right now, when you saw the title of this blog post for neither of you care for people to brag in you... smile! God in His wisdom chose them BOTH for me!!!  One who helped to give me life over 40+ years ago, my dear Daddy, and the other One whom God gave to me now nearly 25 years ago as my beloved husband!
My Beautiful Parents!

I'll start with you, Daddy, as you are eldest! I'd like to share the alphabet of a few things that I learned from watching your life over the years!  Thanks for your great life... and I'm so glad Jesus chose me to be your eldest daughter! I love you, Daddy!
A- Attitude of being a good learner
B- Bible reader and lover, & berry picking! Bear staring too!!!
C- Christian, best thing people could EVER say about you!
D-dedicated to God with all that you are
E-Ever a Student... never too busy to learn or teach a lesson!
F-Friends!  Never could we get through ANY crowd (IHC), but what you'd found an old Friend to visit!
G- Godlike!  I've never struggled with what a heavenly Father loving me is... b/c of you! I love you, Daddy!
H- humble, you were always quick to apologize when you felt God nudging you that you'd been too harsh!
I- independent in spirit, yet ever listening to God's still small voice at the very same time!
J-jokes!  =)
K-knowledge!  I've always loved how knowledgeable you are about TONS of subjects!
L-laugh!  No one laughs like you!!!! (Bryan and Keith your 2 grandsons are close 2nd's they say though! =)
M-Martha... Moma.... I love how you've loved her through thick and thin!  Great Example to watch!
N-No Nonsense kind of guy! =) And I married someone a lot like you in that regard! no time for silliness! =)
O-optimistic... you had to be, for we never had $; you knew God would always find a way to get us through
P-painfully honest! =) Even when you knew the "truth" might not be exactly comfy, we could still count on U!
Q-queenly treating Moma! "Quote" I know she spoils you; I've watched you treat her like ROYALTY!!!!
R-righteous... thanks for loving/serving God just the same on our family vacation when no one was looking!!!
S-scooting over and "letting me go" when Mr Daryl Hausman asked for my hand in marriage.  
T-teachable, eager to learn most things!
U- Unwavering! Consistent! Faithful!
V- Value!  Of a dollar whether it was "prayed in", or "earned" by good honest work!
W- "working hard" was the next best thing people could say about you! (*see letter C)
X- extra (All of the things) that I can't even begin to name!!!! your love for Music & poetry writing!
Y- yearning after God! always learning, seeking His Will, His Plan, even for "just" a weekend trip!
Z- zoo  though I've only one memory of you taking me to an actual Zoo... Nature & your love of Biology was always interesting... nature walks, talking to and about God! And now my kids enjoy those walks 2!

Thanks, Dearest Daddy for giving me life, and showing me Life Everlasting! The Greatest Love-Gift ever! Happy Birthday! Hoping we can get together soon!

Someone's Getting Older!

Sweets!  Now it's your turn! Here's a few thoughts about you!  I've been soooo blessed to be called "yours" for all these years! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!

You are:

A- ALL about God 1st and Your Family a close 2nd! You are "Besties" with all of us!
B- Beloved of Mine! & Blue, your favorite color
C- Calculating, cautious, "C" man
D- Dependable... you are always there!!!!
E - Easygoing! Gentle Mannered!
F- Friend, my best friend on earth!
G- Giving! Over and beyond what most think necessary! Thank you!
H- Honest & Honoring God with everything there is within you!
I - Irresistible! TMI! ;-)
J - Joking! (even if no one else knows quite how to take you!!!=)
K - Kind and Considerate of others
L - Lovingly LEADING my life and our Haus!
M- Missions... my life was forever changed following you abroad, but for the GOOD! 
N- No Nonsense kind of guy! Silliness is never your style! =)
O- Others needs 1st! Rarely considering your own needs!
P-  Provider, & Protector! Thank you for ALL you do for us!
Q-Quality and quantity Time with your Family!
R-Remodel Guy! Thanks for fixing up this ole Haus and in STYLE too!
S- Sweetheart "all mine" now for bunches of happy decades!
T- Teacher... ever a teacher, at home, or abroad! You make that word down-right CLASSY!!!
U- Unwavering! You are the same inside & out, abroad or at home! & I love you for it!
V- Value! In our lives, in your students lives, & in your church! You are a quiet leader that I greatly honor!
W- Wealth... not dollars... but definitely "Sense"! Rarely ever see you w/o your Vocab words!
X- X-tremely WONDERFUL!!!!
Y- YES!  I've never been sorry, I squeaked out a "Yes" when you asked me to be your "Mrs!"
Z- Zoo in USA or in Mosco Russia... you always take time to "show" your family they are important to you!

Happy Birthday, Sweets! Love you so much! So thankful for all the years we've had together and trusting by God's grace we'll have many, many, more!