Monday, April 19, 2010

Many people make it more complex, but it's really a simple message. We were all born sinners, but God sent His only son to be the ultimate sacrifice and pay the penalty for our sin. It's a free gift! You can't earn it, can't go to church enough, can't give enough money or do enough good deeds. You must confess your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. He will forgive you, and you will have a deep peace that the world can't take away.

God's Gifts to us! We were so thankful for the Lord's help with Natasha's Jr/Sr Banquet that she was invited to attend. A friend loaned us the dress and we were able to find the jacket at Penny's and material to match to make the sleeves modest and Jesus helped our local Grocery store to run a special on Roses just last week. Then Jesus helped one Mommy to make the wrist corsage, all from her Daddy! One special young lady, God has blessed us with... and we PRAISE HIM!
A Boy's BEST Friend!!! Bryan's favorite past time... only down side is one HAS to have a bath after playing with THIS Friend named, Diesel! But it's worth it!
God's Gift Of Music! How we thank the Lord for His help to our girls in all of the music recitals that they have had the privilege of being a part of this month. Here is a picture of all of the musicians that participated in the Piano Concert that was sponsored by Martha Miller, the girls piano teacher. This was a lovely evening of piano quartets and duets. Over 30 young people and teachers participating! We thank the Lord for this blessing!
This is a "canned picture" which the girls neither one like... but that was the best way to get a good shot of them, since I'm not an "up-front" person to want to run up there and get a picture while they were performing! :) Natasha and Brittany played on one piano, while Mrs. Miller and another 8th grader played on the other piano. It was really nice. Natasha also played in another piano quartet with 3 other pianist from our Church, Christian Nation Church!

My lack of photographer abilities proved out once again, as I was the only one to take pictures of their recent violin recital too! Daryl had class both of these nights so had to "hear" over the cell-phone so couldn't be there. So Sad! The girls each played pieces that were a reach for them. Their teacher challenged each of her students by raising the bar a little higher for this recital. This was NO SMALL FEAT for our Haushold as we had 2 other recitals vying for their practice time too, plus the routine of school work etc. Much prayer was made and many hours of practice, but once again the Lord came and touched and how we praise Him!

Darla piece was entitled: "Minute II" by Bach... After this recital her violin will be framed. You see it is the little 1st violin that all three girls started out playing! (My niece Kimberly Anna Dickinson also used this as her 1st violin!) So it is my dream to have this one framed! Bryan isn't thinking about playing violin, for it's too "girly" for him, he says! :) Boys!!!

Brittany's piece was entitled: the "Concerto #23 by Viotti"
And Natasha's piece was entitled: "Concerto No.9 in A Minor, Op. 104 (1st movement) by De Beriot".
All of them really needed God's help and wanted to make sure that we took the time after the concert was over to THANK THE LORD for His touch and help! God is SOOOO good! Enough of the music notes!!! Another PLAY on words! :) ~Laura~

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Craziness! This picture is especially for A. Heather and Kimberly. When we went to Colombia Brittany happened to mention that if we found some cute sun-glasses to get her a pair..and Darla declared that she too wanted a pair. So on our last day their we went to market and got these funny sun-glasses. They make your eyes work double-time! :)
Hope they make you laugh.
Natasha ~

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Who's counting those Candles?! Where have the years gone?! We love you, Natasha! Natasha was "over cake" so she asked for a Peanut Butter Pie this year... with all of those candles it looked a bit "shell shocked!" :)

Happy Birthday, Natasha! How glad we are that Jesus sent you to us. My how the time has flown though! We pray that you'll always seek God's best! We love you so much!

Our Easter/Birthday meal together!

A Few of Her Favorite Things! We usually make quite a to-do with Birthdays around our Haus! This year was no exception... I asked Natasha early enough to plan what she wanted for her birthday meal and got an unusual request! She asked that I make something that we were served over in Romania by some dear friends. Her request? Homemade Schnitzel with Noodles! Yikes,... that was a new one for me to make... so I wrote and asked our dear friend, Sally Sebo, for help. She was so kind as to translate this recipe for me and also gave me a website to "see" it all... Thanks so much, Sally. Here's the finished product! I was thankful for the Lord's help! For those of you "Sound of Music" lovers, you may recall that Schnitzel with noodles is one of her favorite things listed in that song, "My Favorite Things"!

Resurrection Eggs! You can only see a couple of them... but these have become a very real part of our Easter Celebration each year. Years ago while on Deputation we were invited to have dinner with some dear friends who introduced us to the Resurrection Eggs and then gave the set to us after dinner was over. We will never forget your kindness, Beckers, We love you! How could we have known that years later God would lead us here and that we get to have you as our mission directors?! Thanks again so much for your love and support!
That's the news from our Haus! Laura ~ (with MUCH of Natasha's help!!)

Happy birthday to the most wonderful Pop-Pop! Thank you for being such a great grandfather! We love you all LOTS!!!
Hope you have a great day!
Natasha ,Brittany ,Darla ,and Bryan~
On our way up the mountain we had to go through a really LONG tunnel.

Just barely hanging on! This is Elijah hanging on to the rails at the top of the train. Don't worry Daddy was holding him by the waist.
This is another picture on our way. Here we are passing a train going down.

This is right after we got off the train at the top of the mountain.

And we are finally up at the top! This is overlooking Bogota.
It was a gorgeous view!
More to come...

Saturday, April 03, 2010

He is Risen! And every good Russian would respond, "He is risen, indeed!" In Russian, the word for Sunday ,"Vas Cresaynyuh", means Resurrection.

Laura and the kids made these homemade Reese's peanut butter eggs and distributed them to our wonderful neighbors.
Here is a REAL LIVE Llama! It was really neat to get to see one!
This is the mountain that we rode up. You could hike it, but it is not recommended for American's for their safety.
Our last day in Colombia we had the privilege to go to Simon Bolivar's house. For those of you who have no clue who he is....he helped to liberate several of the South American countries. Being a history lover, I really enjoyed it.

This is Simon Bolivar's dining room.
This is the back of his house. Right behind were the picture was taken there is beautiful gardens and the huge mountain that we were on. It was beautiful!
Hope you enjoy,
I apologize for the few pictures of Kimberly for she was always running around working with me. Here is one of the good pictures that we got the day before we left.
And here is the famous "EWWWW Gross Desert" or "Dirt." It looks disgusting, but it was actually VERY good!
This is Pastor Alberto and Pastor Rigoberto laughing at being served "Dirt and Worms"!
As always, more pictures to come! :)

Friday, April 02, 2010

It is a family tradition, at least for the younger Dickinson's, that as soon as Family devotions are finished they run and get a piggy back ride from U. Phillip. Here they are getting a wild horsey ride instead!
Elijah's impression of Wayne. Here he is drinking hot sauce!
A Few Random pictures while helping around the house! Elijah making a silly face!

An everyday occurrence!

Here I am with a favorite pastime....doing dishes!

Here is me eating a Colombian fruit. It would be similar to a pomegranate. The juice was good, but the texture of the seeds was hard to get used to (if you can't tell by my face)! Elijah loves these and so he helped me finish mine!
Hope you enjoy! More pictures to come.