Friday, December 28, 2012

Thanksgiving, Finally!

The Feast is On!

gourds and mini pumpkins, gifts from friends in IN, made decorating so much fun!

International Thanksgiving, our favorite!

Visiting outside while we ladies put the finishing touches on Dinner

PIT.  Need I say anymore?! =)

                                                   (Anyone ever notice how loud that game is besides ME?!)

                                    Shoots and Ladder's didn't require much English, so was a hit!!=)

Again... NUMBERS they could do WELL, even beat us!

Daryl with his Students and our children!

Weeds! never looked so fine! (And you sure can't beat the price!=)

This is my Daily Prayer... that all of us will make Heaven, at any cost!

Bittersweet, with a tad of hot glue to hold it in place! My Fav!

I'm so thankful for our family... This year my plate was so full when November hit, I wasn't sure how to get it all done.  Jesus had our little Bryan start me out, by offering to carry up all the decorations and he so enjoyed adding touches here and there, & I was so thankful, I was close to tears.  With his burst of energy, I found mine! Brittany and Darla added their touches to what Bryan and I had done. Natasha was swamped with classes and homework, but took a break that day and begged to decorate and set the table and did a fine job.  I'm grateful for everyone's help. God is so good to us and we do what we do because of what HE did for us.  We are what we are because of His Grace.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gift of Meat, in the raw - Venison!

Butcher and a crazy assistant!
Venison Burger... best ever. NO FAT to drain and rinse off! and meat w/o added junk too!  P T Lord for His wonderful care over us!

Everything got moved aside to make room for this "guy" to be butchered... looks like the fall flowers got forgotten though! =)
"Learnin the Trade."  No. Better. Home. Schooling. than. this!

Sorry to be so long in bloggin.  Couldn't figure out a new glitch.  More to come, I promise!