Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Camargo Camp~
Camargo Camp was wonderful this year: wonderful messages, great fellowship, cool weather, and don't forget the delicious meals!

I thought this picture was to cute! Several of the boys decided they wanted to sit with Bro. Parker for one of the meals.
And not to mention these 2 adorable twins!!!

The children's theme this year was on "Keeper of the Light".

Children's activities~
Youth devotions and activities with the Bender's~ (Sorry I forgot to get a picture during devotionals.)

Stars and Stiffs softball game~
For the past couple of years, they have done a stars and stiffs game on Saturday. The stars-ages 12-25, and the stiffs-age 26 to "?". It was a fun, close game, even though the teams were a bit lop-sided. The stiff won though..... no comment.

The Children's program~
This illustration was of walking in darkness, until the Bible sheds light on our path.

The final song was "We Will Carry the Torch". They had 4 generations of Christians passing on the was really cool. (the 4th Generation was "on-loan" =)

And so ends Camargo Camp. By the end of the week, we had been fed both spiritually and physically. We had great moments of fellowship and fun. It was a blast!
Looking forward to next camp!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Recently I went to Colombia, S.A. to teach. Here I am holding a pitcher of water with a few other trinkets in the pitcher. Ephesians says God's children are to "Be filled with the Spirit." God wants to fill us with His Spirit, but as long as we have self-centeredness in our hearts - He won't. We must ask God to cleanse our self-centered nature and purify our hearts. Self-centeredness wants it's own way and wants to make the decisions - it's all about what I think is best rather than what God's word says. He will sanctify us completely if we will become a living sacrifice. Then and only then can we love God with our whole heart.

Just a Glimpse of my Senior Trip!
New York City Sunrise~

Ellis Island Immigration Museum~

Philadelphia~Birthplace of the Constitution

Gettysburg National Park~

* the hole in the barn side, was caused by a cannon ball from the battle.

Signing off,