Monday, February 09, 2015

Birthday Brag Book!

Two great men that I know and love very much share this date as their birthday!  You are both cringing right now, when you saw the title of this blog post for neither of you care for people to brag in you... smile! God in His wisdom chose them BOTH for me!!!  One who helped to give me life over 40+ years ago, my dear Daddy, and the other One whom God gave to me now nearly 25 years ago as my beloved husband!
My Beautiful Parents!

I'll start with you, Daddy, as you are eldest! I'd like to share the alphabet of a few things that I learned from watching your life over the years!  Thanks for your great life... and I'm so glad Jesus chose me to be your eldest daughter! I love you, Daddy!
A- Attitude of being a good learner
B- Bible reader and lover, & berry picking! Bear staring too!!!
C- Christian, best thing people could EVER say about you!
D-dedicated to God with all that you are
E-Ever a Student... never too busy to learn or teach a lesson!
F-Friends!  Never could we get through ANY crowd (IHC), but what you'd found an old Friend to visit!
G- Godlike!  I've never struggled with what a heavenly Father loving me is... b/c of you! I love you, Daddy!
H- humble, you were always quick to apologize when you felt God nudging you that you'd been too harsh!
I- independent in spirit, yet ever listening to God's still small voice at the very same time!
J-jokes!  =)
K-knowledge!  I've always loved how knowledgeable you are about TONS of subjects!
L-laugh!  No one laughs like you!!!! (Bryan and Keith your 2 grandsons are close 2nd's they say though! =)
M-Martha... Moma.... I love how you've loved her through thick and thin!  Great Example to watch!
N-No Nonsense kind of guy! =) And I married someone a lot like you in that regard! no time for silliness! =)
O-optimistic... you had to be, for we never had $; you knew God would always find a way to get us through
P-painfully honest! =) Even when you knew the "truth" might not be exactly comfy, we could still count on U!
Q-queenly treating Moma! "Quote" I know she spoils you; I've watched you treat her like ROYALTY!!!!
R-righteous... thanks for loving/serving God just the same on our family vacation when no one was looking!!!
S-scooting over and "letting me go" when Mr Daryl Hausman asked for my hand in marriage.  
T-teachable, eager to learn most things!
U- Unwavering! Consistent! Faithful!
V- Value!  Of a dollar whether it was "prayed in", or "earned" by good honest work!
W- "working hard" was the next best thing people could say about you! (*see letter C)
X- extra (All of the things) that I can't even begin to name!!!! your love for Music & poetry writing!
Y- yearning after God! always learning, seeking His Will, His Plan, even for "just" a weekend trip!
Z- zoo  though I've only one memory of you taking me to an actual Zoo... Nature & your love of Biology was always interesting... nature walks, talking to and about God! And now my kids enjoy those walks 2!

Thanks, Dearest Daddy for giving me life, and showing me Life Everlasting! The Greatest Love-Gift ever! Happy Birthday! Hoping we can get together soon!

Someone's Getting Older!

Sweets!  Now it's your turn! Here's a few thoughts about you!  I've been soooo blessed to be called "yours" for all these years! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!

You are:

A- ALL about God 1st and Your Family a close 2nd! You are "Besties" with all of us!
B- Beloved of Mine! & Blue, your favorite color
C- Calculating, cautious, "C" man
D- Dependable... you are always there!!!!
E - Easygoing! Gentle Mannered!
F- Friend, my best friend on earth!
G- Giving! Over and beyond what most think necessary! Thank you!
H- Honest & Honoring God with everything there is within you!
I - Irresistible! TMI! ;-)
J - Joking! (even if no one else knows quite how to take you!!!=)
K - Kind and Considerate of others
L - Lovingly LEADING my life and our Haus!
M- Missions... my life was forever changed following you abroad, but for the GOOD! 
N- No Nonsense kind of guy! Silliness is never your style! =)
O- Others needs 1st! Rarely considering your own needs!
P-  Provider, & Protector! Thank you for ALL you do for us!
Q-Quality and quantity Time with your Family!
R-Remodel Guy! Thanks for fixing up this ole Haus and in STYLE too!
S- Sweetheart "all mine" now for bunches of happy decades!
T- Teacher... ever a teacher, at home, or abroad! You make that word down-right CLASSY!!!
U- Unwavering! You are the same inside & out, abroad or at home! & I love you for it!
V- Value! In our lives, in your students lives, & in your church! You are a quiet leader that I greatly honor!
W- Wealth... not dollars... but definitely "Sense"! Rarely ever see you w/o your Vocab words!
X- X-tremely WONDERFUL!!!!
Y- YES!  I've never been sorry, I squeaked out a "Yes" when you asked me to be your "Mrs!"
Z- Zoo in USA or in Mosco Russia... you always take time to "show" your family they are important to you!

Happy Birthday, Sweets! Love you so much! So thankful for all the years we've had together and trusting by God's grace we'll have many, many, more!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 Happy New Year!

Daryl and I with our four blessings!
 We decided to just go ahead and get family pics, the first day we could after the older girls got out of school. Unfortunately it turned out to be FREEZING! So excuse the "frost" around all of our eyes! Smile!

Lil Miss Bubbly Darla!  She Always has a ready smile!

Bryan with upraised eyebrow when he thought the photographer got a lil too close! =)
Our Brittany, Delighted to be on Christmas Break

Our sweet Natasha

Looking forward to a New Year and excited to see where all God will lead us! We are never bored and have been so many places and had so many of our desires met... all b/c we decided to unreservedly follow Christ.  We have so many blessings to count!
We did a poor job staying caught up  on our blog last year, here's a start (late) for this year.  This post isn't really profound.... but who's shocked. =) Just a quick pic post and to SHOUT OUT... God is so good and I so love Him!  And only desire that He stay the CENTER of all of our Haus!!! Until next time...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

Miracle of Metal!

Today was the big day for our Darla!  She has been praying for over 2 yrs now that Jesus would make a way for her to get braces!  He answered that prayer for her in His time!  Ever wonder why when we pray we hear very little... enough sometimes to let us know He's there... but not tons, or how and when we expect it to happen? Ok, then I just admitted to you my weakness, but I have wondered at times.  Our family had gone through a pretty tough time where she, as a child learning Who God Is, was questioning what God was doing and where He was in her life!  It was JUST at that time that the Lord chose to answer her prayer, to prove to her that HE WAS INDEED REAL and did care about her smile, inside and out!  What a GREAT BIG WONDERFUL GOD WE SERVE!

Metal Miracle!

Now along with braces comes mashed potatoes and applesauce, mac and cheese etc!  Cause it hurts TOO badly to eat tough stuff! She is my meat lover and so the following day she came to me saying she was "starving and wanted some venison!! =) Of course she couldn't eat that yet... tried a lil soft chicken on Sunday, but said, "Uh, I pretty much had to gum that bite..."  Made me smile!  She's a real trooper, but will probably loose a pound or two for it takes her F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to floss and brush her teeth, When she thinks about eating she usually asks herself, "How long will it take me to clean up my teeth?!"  =)

Cute lil' gift that her Dr gave her that 1st night for supper!
Sorry my blogger won't let me upload the close-up pic to see her smile better. (That I took mainly for our Family that's far away!)  So before I loose all my efforts I'll just post this much!  It is so wonderful when God shows up and proves Himself REAL to your kids!  How we praise Him!!! God is still in the business of hearing and answering our prayers!  Let's keep on believing Him for bigger and better things! Yes, this was an earthly thing that God did for our Darla, but it has challenged me to think about what Jesus said to his disciples, (Paraphrasing here) "Even greater things will you do b/c I go to my Father!" Eternity will be worth every "investment"! O God increase MY faith!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Daryl Hausman, my Sweetheart!!

Happy 45th Birthday, Sweetheart!

 Dearest Gorgeous,
I love you sooooo much and am so thankful to God for bringing us together back in college, our 1st date in Oct of 1988! (Nope, I didn't inherit Daddy's abilities to write poetry, like you did Heather... but that was close!=) I'm so blessed to be called Mrs. Daryl Hausman for soon to be 24 years!
Thank you for being so close to God!  It brings such a peace and security to my heart and life to know that you have always followed God's plan for our lives.  I know that God has always led you in the past, never have we made a move out of God's will and that's saying something... for we've made a LOT of moves! Smile! Seriously, being the sensitive person that I am, I've not always understood each time you felt God leading us in a different direction, but I KNEW not to question God and I also knew that you would NEVER lead us astray! That brings a HUGE amount of comfort.  Just recently, while I was struggling with yet another hurdle in our lives, you listened to me, and then so sweetly assured my heart that God knew just where we were and in His time He will lead and give you the peace to go on! But for now it the answer was to "wait"!

Over 10 years ago now, while still on the mission field, I turned the page on a year-by-year calendar given to us by a dear friend and this was the reading for that day... (which happened to be your birthday...) as I turned the same calendar over again today, I found it fitting and thought I would share it on our blog. I have no idea where this saying originated for there isn't an author quoted but am praying that maybe it would help someone who would happen to read it as it has helped us over the years!

                                              When I cannot understand my
                                                     Father's leadings
                                              And it seems to be but hard
                                                      and cruel fate
                                              Still I hear that gentle whisper
                                                      ever pleading
                                              God is working, God is faithful,
                                                         Only Wait!

Over the years, you have been my rock... (with a small r, but after Jesus my ROCK, you are forever 1st!)...  nevertheless in the human my strong arm to lean on! Thank you for NEVER wavering and being so strong in Jesus that it brings tears to my eyes to write about it!  You have always been a good listener.  Even when YOU KNEW what to tell me to "fix" the whole problem... you would bite your tongue and just listen to my senseless babbling... smile and hug me, pray with me, hold me... and wait till I have spilled my guts...heart (changed that just for you, my etiquette conscious Moma, so you wouldn't have to blush right now! =) then ever so quietly and gently reassure my heart that God was working, God was still in control and in His Time all things would work out according to His will! 

Thank you for being SO approachable!  Much to the shock of those of our friends who can't get beyond that serious, ever-so-studious face of yours... I know that you are SOOOOOO willing to listen, you aren't judgmental and have a grace to stand up where most men would cower... Man, I DO LOVE YOU!

Thank you for being such a hard worker!  You never shy away from the duty that God has given you to provide for your family.  Amazingly, I watch you give and give and give when I know what the numbers are and know that there is just NO WAY we can afford to give again... and yet you do and I watch as God makes up the numbers and pays our bills for us again and again!  You have proved the saying, "You can never out-give God" to me again and again!  I could never have done any better and I want the world to know it! 

Thank you for being so constant! and Yes, I am saying that!  You are so even keel, so consistent that it makes me smile at times, and want to "lovingly hit" you at other times! =)  I love/dislike you for it... and thank God for that all at the same time!!!!! God knew I needed a steady man to hang on to, after all my bouncing!!! =)  You never waver, you're always sure of God, and where we are in Christ.

I am continually amazed at the wisdom God gives you as you lead our Haus! ... (yeah, I probably shouldn't be, but I usually am!=) I wish I could sit and learn at your feet as often as your International students get to! =)  But I would never want to be selfish and keep you from the calling God has given you. Thanks, Sweets, for being one amazing man!

Thanks for loving me unselfishly! I hope and pray that in God's time and in God's way all of our girls will find a man just like their daddy ... a man after God's own heart!

 Lovingly your Wife, Laura

My Sweetheart for over 23 years now!
And as I end this post... I must also say, Happy Birthday, to you too,  my dear Daddy.  Yes, my dear husband and dear Daddy share a birthday... only 26 years apart! Sorry, Go here for a recent pic of you and Moma together... I wasn't sure how to copy and paste it... so just linked you to the Bryan Christmas post for that! Daddy...You are the man that 1st loved me and showed me what the LOVE OF GOD looked like in the flesh. I thank the Lord that I never have had to struggle with my "picture" of God!  I have always feared God, yet Loved God for I knew from my relationship with you what the difference was!  You showed me what I should look for in a husband some day, by loving my Moma openly.  You never were afraid to back up and say you were sorry and make things right. You were my everything... and I always prayed for and wanted a man JUST LIKE YOU.... and God gave me one! =) 
Recently I was talking to an older lady and she shared this truth with me... she said that there are only 2 things we can give our kids....1. Roots, when they are small... And thank you Daddy and Moma for the Heritage you gave we 4 Bryan's.  Then she said... 2. We give them WINGS!  Thanks so much Daddy and Moma for LETTING GO and for giving me WINGS enabling me to FLY into the arms of my husband! So go back and re-read this post inserting my Daddy's name, Edgar A. Bryan, and almost every time you read my Sweetheart's name (Obviously not every time cause I'm married, folks!=) but most of the time,  it will be the same! I could never have found a man... in fact, two men like these men... they both are truly Men after God's Own Heart!  I love you too, Daddy! =)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, Brittany!

Brittany after her 1st ever concert with Cincinnati Community Orchestra! 

Happy Birthday to our Brittany Joy!  She has always lived up to that middle name and brings us all many smiles and often laughter by her quick witted humor! 
We are so thankful for the Lord's help in her concert last Sat evening.  The concert was entitled "Falling for Brahms" in which they played "Brahms Concerto for Violin and Cello and Brahms Symphony #4"  as well as "Glazunov Autumn".  It was beautiful!  You just kinda sit there as a parent remembering all the screeching practicing moments and pinch yourself that this is where it has brought her!  Sooooooo glad for your hard work and accomplishments, Brittany.  Have more pics... but they aren't uploaded yet. (Story of my life!)

This pic isn't her fave but shows her hard at work! =)

We love you dear Brittany and thank you for loving Jesus with all that there is within you.  It has been rewarding as a parent to watch you grow, to see your accomplishments.  I love the drive that you always have and your creativity is fun too.  Don't know where God wants you someday, but our prayer is that you'll be ALL you can BE for HIS GLORY and honor!  Keep your hand in His hand and you'll NEVER be disappointed!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bike Race... Where the Road Won!!!

Darla and her FAVE cousin, Sarah
This past weekend our Darla was in a bike race... where the road won!  (Sorry, can't get the pics from the ER to upload properly.  You can see a pic if you go to Daryl's FB page, however! She wrecked the bike and had to get 10 stitches in her chin.  However, as a result of how she landed she has broken her jaw bone!!

We are to see the plastic Surgeon this afternoon (Wed, Oct 16) and we would soooo appreciate your prayers as all the details are worked out about her upcoming jaw surgery!  Not a fun thought,.... but the Lord has reassured my heart of His ultimate care and that He is GOOD still!  "All things... even broken jaws and surgery" WORK together for our good..."  When we trust Him with every detail of our lives!
Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!
Updates later, Lord willing, as we have more details!

In the ER before getting help... PTL! for a natural healing w/o surgery and very little of a scare will she have too!

P.S. just home from Doc office and he says that it looks like her jaw should heal w/o surgery.  Praise the Lord!  Just keep her in your prayers that this WILL be the case and that after these 6 wks of rest and soft diet that there will be no more complications.  God is Good all the time!