Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fried Okra! This is the last pickin's from my Daddy's garden that he so graciously shared with us! Umm! Umm! Ain't nothin' better than a pot of Beans, Fried Okra, Buttered Potatoes and a big skillet of Cornbread... throw in some Cucumber/Onion salad and that's a feast very few of we Hausman's can resist. This is a DELIGHTFUL meal to us! :)
Happy Birthday, Brittany!

Brittany's Birthday Cake! ( sorry, Daryl's too busy to help us learn how to turn the pics right side up) So again you'll have to endure another neck cramp to see the pics above!
The neat thing about your kids growing up is the differences it brings. This year after taking a cake decorating class, Brittany asked if she could please make and decorate her OWN Birthday cake! Part of my heart was a tad sad... but that only lasted for a few minutes and I was breathing a sigh of relief... "One less thing to do that weekend!"