Sunday, September 27, 2009

Laura was mainly in charge of bringing the "International Dinner" together. It was a huge success but the only problem was I only had one stomach. The food was great and such a variety, it was amazing. I couldn't help but think of how I just wanted to keep eating and eating. Then I wondered, do I have the same desire to hunger and thirst after God, as I do to eat this wonderful food. God help me!

Thanks Deanna for being such a big help to Laura and me because it helped lighten the load.

Each table had a centerpiece which consisted of relics from the various countries.

If you want to see more pics of the GHM renewal time go to
Why are we holding our blanket? Read the next post for the answer.
We played "volleyball" and tried to improve our team work. The only catch was, we had to catch it with our blanket and then catapult it back over with our blanket. The "it" was a water balloon. No one got drenched and we had lots of fun!

We had a Missionary Renewal time in August which was put on by Global Holiness Missions, the mission arm of Christian Nation Church.

One of the things we did was discuss and digest the book "Let the Nations Be Glad" by John Piper.

The discussion time was very profitable as we thought about, talked about, and prayed for and about Missions.
Our kids had a wonderful time a couple months ago to go to the Creation Museum with their Grandparents and some of their cousins. Although our kids have been there several times, you always come away with the feeling of how great our God is. Go to the planetarium. It's a breath of fresh air because you don't have to wade through "billion and billion of years"!

"Destroy your foundation and your whole structure will crumble!"

Tell someone they evolved from a monkey and then discipline them for acting like one! .....Huh!
Our family watched the work that was done on our street this last summer. I will say this, the breaks were very consistent and I'm not talking about the ones on the vehicles.

"Sorry the nurses and Drs. are on break right now." That would probably be the answer we get if we had Government controlled Health Care. Why is it that the common people can see the dangers of this, but the politicians can't? Interesting!