Saturday, April 28, 2007

Congratulations DAD! Dad, I'm real proud of you and we all congratulate you on your retirement from Pepsi Cola.

Friday was my dad's last day of work and now he's officially retired. Well, acutally my mom has a long list of things for him to do so it might take him a few years to get those done.

I am so proud to have a wonderful father who has been a hard worker, faithful husband, good role model, and most importantly of all, a consistent Christian who lived the life. You have given me a good example of what God is like and that is priceless! Your support of me as God led me into the minstry as an Assoc. Pastor, Christian School Teacher and now Missionary is something that I am eternally grateful for. Thanks for letting go and letting God take care of me. Thanks for your acceptance of my wife and our 4 kiddos.

I just wanted to honor you and congratulate you on your retirement.

Now go out and buy youself a Coke! Thanks Dad! I love you very much!

Youth Center Update! Just to remind you, we've taken the week off this week simply because we are awaiting for the men who can stucco the inside walls and ceilings. There isn't really anything else to do at this point, until that is finished. It will be sometime next week before they start doing the stucco work. Please don't stop your praying though!

Watching Papa! I took a little time to build the kids a sand box this week. When the owners had the stove and chimney fixed, they just left the sand out inthe gravel. So, why let it go to waist, right? I used some of the wood that has been laying around and made the frame right around where the sand. The kids have been enjoying it a lot the last few days.

You can see my boy checking out what his Papa is doing. He always wants to help, asks lots of questions and is keeping an eye on Papa. Wow, what a responsibility we have as parents for we represent God to our children and we are their first glimpses of what God is like. Are we being the example that we should be so that it comes very natural and normal for our children to understand who God is and what He is like?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I think our Darling Darla has been playing hockey lately. She's beginning to resemble those men who go to a fight and a hockey game breaks out. She has since lost her second tooth, as she fell and hit her mouth on the floor. The second tooth was loose but not yet ready to come out.They love our dog, Rita! She is very protective of them as any good Rottweiler would be. Whenever they get hurt and start crying, she quickly scampers over to see what's wrong.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Looking Good! They finished up the tile today! Praise the Lord! Next week will be a week off as we await men who can stucco the inside of the 1st floor. The block walls and concrete ceiling will be stuccoed. Continue to pray that God will help things to go along smoothly and work will proceed.

Being involved in this building process, I've beeen reminded of the importance of having our foundation built on the solid rock, Christ Jesus. The foundation of this building is over 3 feet of solid concrete with rebar in it. There's solid block walls, lots of concrete and rebar to tie things together and yet, this building as strong as it is could still be destroyed. However, if our foundation is truly on Christ Jesus, then come what may, we CAN'T be destroyed. What a calming assurance that brings! May God help us to make sure our foundation IS on Christ and not ourselves, our job, our status, our reputation or anyting else. Jesus is the Solid Rock!

Here you can see the boss laying tile. He's 72 years old by the way. I hope that I'm in that good of shape to be up on the roof at 72 years of age. Well, let me take that back a little bit. I do hope I'm in good physical shape at that age, but I hope I don't have to be laying tile or shingles at that age. :)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Thank the Lord for the progress! All of the concrete tiles must be carried by hand inside the building, upstairs, and then handed outside via an assembly line.
We still have a long way to go until the completion of the building, so we appreciate your prayers.

Tiles are looking good! Here you can see the boss fixing some of the slats at the ridge of the roof. As of today, the other side of the roof is almost finished. (as far as the tile is concerned) We are trusting that by the end of the week, the roof system will be finished.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Preparing the Garden! Here I am "plowing the field" by hand! We couldn't do it sooner, since we were in the states representing the Youth Center. Since we had to stay 3 weeks longer to get some medical attention for Laura, Spring sprang up! By the time we got back, everything was growing by leaps and bounds and so now we are trying to catch up.
The kids are anxious to plant the seeds so we can grow some crops. It's an exciting time of the year. I just preached Easter Sunday on "New Life". New life is exciting and so too is Spiritual New Life! God can and will come and forgive us of our sins and give us New life, if we will just ask, repent, and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is alive and wants to give us New Life!

Decking almost completed!
Wednesday, the decking was completed, even though the picture doesn't show it, and the plastic and slats were started on this side of the roof. The other side is ready for tile, which will be started soon.
Continue to pray for safety, that all will be done for God's glory, and the rest of the funds needed to finish the project. God has helped and continues to help and we give Him all of the glory.
We could use people who have stucco and drywall experience. If you need to contact me, you can do so at

Friday, April 06, 2007

The other side of the roof is coming along as well! The Lord willing we will complete the decking, plastic and slats on Tuesday. (in faith believing)

Almost finished with the steep side of the roof! The slats have been nailed down on top of the plastic. The tiles will be nailed to the slats.
April 6th is Good Friday and it's a Holiday here in Romania so there will be no work until Tuesday again. The Holiday lasts from Friday through Monday.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Natasha! What a joy Natasha has been to our family and we pray that she always lives to bring glory and honor to Jesus Christ!

BTW - On my first trip to Russia many years ago, I found out that Natasha was a Russian name and instantly "fell in love" with the name! Of course I asked my wife if we would be able to name one of our daughters Natasha and she so graciously agreed. While we lived in Russia, when I would introduce Natasha, their eyes would light up and they would usually say something like, "Ah, Natasha, a Russian name!" This would give us an opportunity to share the reason and to help bring down the walls so we may build relationships.

Just for your information, the reason why I put "fell in love" in quotes is because the saying is not true that we fall in love. Falling in love implies an accident and love is a choice, an action. May we love Jesus and each other!

Putting on the roof decking, plastic, and slats for the tile!

Here the men are working on the steep side of the roof!

There will be 4 skylight windows on this side of the buidling since this side is very steep.

Wood being treated with an anti-fire solution. All of the wood needs to be treated with this solution. The reason for this is that the building is under more restrictions due to it being more like a Commercial building. This is because it is under the "Educational Center" form!

Here Dorin is working on some of the main support beams!

Monday, April 02, 2007

As many of you know, I was just recently home for about a month representing the Hope Christian Fellowship Center that is being built here in Romania. Well, since my number one ministry is my family, I felt I needed to at least take them to the same side of the pond. There were several reasons behind this besides the reason mentioned above, but one was that Laura and Natasha needed some Medical Treatment. I won't go into detail, only continue to pray for Laura whose back went out while in the states. So it was providential and a reconfirmation that I made the right decision for she was able to get proper treatment and get it quickly back in North America.

While I travelled, they stayed with Laura's parents in Canada. Here you can see our 3 girls playing a few songs for Laura's 99 3/4 yrs. old Grandmother. When it was time to leave, Grandma Bryan gave me such a tight hug that I thought my head would break her jaw because of the pressure.