Saturday, October 24, 2009

People put the dumbest pictures on their blogs! What are they thinking? So, I thought I would join the crowd. :) Just a warning, this is what happens when you drop a 70 lb. battery on your fingers. My wife and kids wandered if it was on my "trumpet" hand (the right one), because we are working on a pretty complicated (for me anyways) piece of music for the Christmas program. I replied, no, it's my left hand, my typing hand. :) I have lots of typing to do for my second research paper, so this kind of slows things down quite a bit. :) What people will do to get attention.

BTW - I had to "drill" (with a scalding hot paper clip, actually, it just burns a hole through the nail) a hole through my finger nail to release the pressure. Of course I didn't go to the hospital, I'm waiting for the new health care program to go into affect, everything will be better then. :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

School Days!
Since this was Bryan's 1st year of school, we chose a school bus theme in which to do his birthday! Thankfully kids are very forgiving concerning the decorating ability, or the lack thereof, of their Momma! I did have fun doing it and he had fun telling me how it should look. Bryan loves any type of vehicle therefore, he is quick to catch all the details of where the tail lights should be put, etc. :)


Thank you Aunt Celeste for coming to help make Bryan's birthday party~ a real party!

Look who had a "Birth-day!" Our little boy is fast becoming a "little man"! Life is so much fun with a boy in our Haus!

I can't believe it... my baby boy is in school now! Kindergarten with all of its great new discoveries. I love to see his face light up as he catches a new concept, or learns to spell a word for the 1st time. Ever wonder if that is how our Heavenly Father views the lessons He is trying to teach us?

Daryl is back to school in a BIG WAY! He is officially a FULL-TIME student at Wright State University in Dayton, OH - working on a Masters in TESOL.
Ohio Biblebee Competition
Darla was privileged to join a Biblebee with her age group during the summer. It was lots of work with lots of memorization of Scripture! Though she didn't "place" in the competition per say, our hearts were very happy that she wanted to join for one is always the winner when we hide God's Word in our hearts! Congratulations Darla from Mommy and Daddy for the job well done!

Between competing times they had this wonderful, creative, fun room set up for the kids to enjoy! What a day to remember!
Our sweet Darla! I will always cherish this special day that Darla and I got to spend together!
Catching Up!
Happy Birthday to our "Bubbly"! That's what our Darla gets called often at our "Haus"! She enjoyed some Sam's Club pizza for a quick celebration while waiting for her cousins to come for her real celebration a few days late!

Darla's favorite present was having her cousins come home to America! Kimberly and Sarah played Darla a very special birthday song ~ Colombian Style!

Thanks to Kimberly, Brittany and Natasha for helping us make Darla's stack of Cupcakes!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Worry - It's a decision we've made where we try to work things out internally instead of trusting God. (taken from our Sunday School class)