Sunday, April 20, 2008

What are we doing having a child old enough to go to VIP Day? I don't know but I don't like the fact that our kids are growing up way too fast.

Natasha expressed interest in going to VIP day at GBS&C. So, since we don't live too far and have no idea how God will lead us in the future, we decided to jump at the chance, even though she has plenty of time before heading off to College.

She's expressed interest in Music, Missions, and does a good job in teaching as well so I'm not sure just how God is going to lead her but I'm thankful for her openness to God's will! She said she really had a good time and I enjoyed taking her.
It's been a busy week, but a good one! We spent some time at the Inter-Church Holiness Convention. The kids had a great time and we did as well. Wonderful preaching and singing and God's presence was there! It's nice to get to see some friends and fellowship but the most important thing is that God comes and draws us closer to Him.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Natasha!

We celebrated at Skyline Chili with Philip, Heather and family and then later enjoyed eating the birthday cake. What a joy it is to have Natasha as part of our family. Happy Birthday our dear Natasha!

Two peas in a pod! The cousins are loving the time they've had to spend together!
Welcome Home!!!! Philip, Heather, and family arrived home from Columbia, South America and we thank God for the safety.

It's good to see you all again and we are enjoying the time together.

There's nothing like coming back "home" after a couple of years in another country. However, you come with mixed emotions because you love the people you just left and love the people you are going to see. You also realize that, in once sense, your "home country" is not like it was when you left. God enlarges our coasts and home really ain't home. Confused yet! One man has said it something like this. A Missionary is most comfortable in an airport, for he is always going to see someone he loves.