Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We enjoyed our time with Sally Sebo, Missionary to Romania. We went out to Gold Star Chili. Sally works with Orphans and youth in Talpos, Romaina. We had the privilege of working with her for a while. She has been a good friend and even better Missionary. (www.sallysebo.com)

We have taken opportunities to have special family time here locally. We were able to attend two air shows: the Blue Angles and the Thunderbird's!

At the Thunderbird's airshow, ironically a thunder storm was threatening us, but thankfully Jesus kept the rain away until the show was all done and we were safely in our cars!

Thanks Grandma and Pop-Pop for the gift of the air show! We had a great time!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Happy 102nd Birthday to Grandma Bryan! Actually it was July 6, so we say, Happy Belated Birthday!

We've been so blessed to have this dear lady as our Grandma / Great Grandma! Some men receive all of the praise and glory, because of their positions in life or possibly because of their charisma. It's people like Grandma Bryan that truly make the biggest difference in lives. She's a prayer warrior and we've been blessed to have her as one of our prayer supporters for many years. She also has given liberally to the cause of Christ, often giving over 1/2 of her monthly income to Missions. Many times this has been done by sacrificing some her own basic needs.

We love you Grandma, thank you for your prayers and trust God will give you many more years of service to the King of Kings!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

I'm thankful for all of those who have helped to give me the freedoms that I have. Thank you to each who have served, fought and/or died for our country. I love America but I am not an American first of all. I am a Christian first and foremost!!!!! Jesus died for my sins and gave me true freedom. Freedom that only comes in Christ! "When Christ looks at the world, He doesn't look at the world through 'American glasses'. "

Something to think about: "When God looks at all of the nations on this earth does He view America as 'the greatest nation'."
"We are politically conservative but not conquering through prayer." (Taken from our Pastors message in which explained the Church in America's status and encouraged God's people to PRAY.)

Our solution will not be found in the government for neither party is the solution. Our solution is in God and and God alone.