Thursday, March 31, 2011

She's Up and... Well... just UP! :) Not to the stage of "Up and Going" yet... but the 1st step was made this a.m. putting on the brace for the 1st time, sitting on the side of the bed, standing and then taking 2 wee baby slides (steps without having to ask "Momma, may I?:) to the chair beside the bed. She was able to tolerate sitting there happily... ok... not so happy, but doing well with it for 20 min... we coaxed her to finish the needed 1/2 hr time and then she went back to bed and is resting now! They will repeat this, this afternoon... telling us each time will get easier and easier. God is SOOOO good to give us WONDERFUL nurses, ~ so understanding. A fabulous pain team ~working with her and so sympathetic with all that she has and is facing! Can't complain... in fact we are PRAISING GOD, big time! "Little by Little, Inch by Inch" is a fun kids Patch the Pirate song a favorite of our kids ... and that's pretty much where we are right now... we aren't to the point of saying... as the song indicates that "by the inch what a SINCH"... but we are grateful for every inch taken. As it looks now, she is going to be wearing this brace for at least the 1st 6 wks... and then we'll see after that! Though its a TOUGH THING TO handle at 1st... we all think that she will actually be able to appreciate it more, when she's a little less loopy and in less pain of course. She is doing great, working hard. KEEP PRAYING the battle is not over... but at least we are starting to fight now, and not just sleep it off! :) I have NO IDEA all that her poor body has gone through, so I truly hope you will NOT think me heartless with my teasing. We have to smile to get through this... and God is helping us, big time! Natasha is still in WAY TO MUCH PAIN to joke or even smile yet... those days will come, I'm confident, but for now Keep praying for her. You all are our rock, right now. We so appreciate each one of you taking the time to check the blog, AND PRAY.. most importantly! It does help my Moma heart to hear from you from time to time. So a great-big thanks from me! ~Laura~

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So now we finally know exactly what the brace looks like. The top left is where her chin will rest because they do not want her head/neck going forward. The velcro straps are on both sides and shell is made of hard plastic with a thin type of pad on the inside. There is a support strap for the chin, in between the two high plastic side on the left of the picture.
Brace arrived at 5:30 p.m. So tomorrow is when they will put it on and get her up.
Ok, so this is one job I can handle. Whenever Natasha is in a lot of pain and tell her to breathe through it I have to breathe through it as well - because of seeing my daughter deal with pain. So this contraption is a breathing apparatus that helps build your lungs. She is supposed to breathe through this 10 times every hour, which keeps her lungs from collapsing which will cause an infection to set in. I first encountered one of these with one of my trumpet teachers who was trying to help build by "air power" for playing the trumpet. I bought a version of one to help that process. Therefore, every time Natasha rolls over (ever 1/2 hr.) I have her do 5 reps of these. She must close her mouth around the mouthpiece and breathe in as hard as possible, which raises the little blue floating device. Sounds easy enough - try it when you are healthy, much less just after you "ran a marathon" which is how she described what she went through the first day.
Here are a couple of beautiful flower arrangements sent to Natasha. The tulips, which we love and remind us so much of Russia, were sent by the Dickinsons - Missionaries to Columbia. This arrangement of daisies, lilies, and yellow roses, with a little "Bee Well" on the little stuffed bee, to our great suprise was sent by "your Romanian friends and family." Providentially, just as the techs. came to change her dressing - which required lots of movement and pain - the arrangement came. Sally Sebo, fellow laborer to Romania shared with us that the youth and the children from the orphanage were praying for Natasha. I will add that you please pray for Sally and the Orphanage ministry in Romania that God would meet their every need.

They just changed the dressing on her back and removed the one tube that was draining the blood from the spine. The Lord helped. Lord willing this does not need to be changed for 10-12 days. That's good because she can begin to heal. The brace is to arrive sometime after 5 p.m. today. Because she is allergic to nickel, the brace takes longer to make because of using a different metal for the straps. We are not sure if she will be getting up today because she must have the brace and the Physical Therapist who are the only ones allowed to get her up leave around that time. So, Lord willing we will post as we know what's going on.
"Adversity will either tear you apart or bring you together!" - DH Aren't you glad we have a God who helps bring us together? He is the ONLY awesome one! We are so blessed and my heart just cries out in praise and admiration to our wonderful Saviour! The chorus repeats the phrase, "Lord, I stand in awe of you." Some men may say "Why me?" We could answer that questions with a question. "Why not me?" Why am I so special that I am exempt from the harships of life. Thousands upon millions, possibly even billions, have gone through hardships in life and God's holy children come through shining brighter than ever. It is through these adversities that God is refining his children and bringing Glory and honor to himself. We can either "whine," which some say "wine" is good with a little cheese, or we can praise God for what he has done. Lord, I stand in awe of you and praise you for who you are. This whole process has been an opportunity for us to be a witness to Drs., nurses, techs., other parents, some of my teacher colleques, and most importantly for God to be glorified through it all. Thank you for being a part and helping to carry the load. It is because of your prayers that God continues to help on a daily and even minute by minute basis.
What would we EVER do without Jesus? What an awesome God we serve! How I thank the Lord for His amazing care over Natasha! Last night was the roughest yet. many tears on both Momma's part & Natasha's! Today, they say, though VERY TOUGH, will do her lots of good! My devotions did my heart good this a.m. Deliverance! God watches over us. A song I sang this a.m. is... "God WILL Take Care of You"! How true and how wonderful! Sorry for the "weaker" side of admitting this... but we couldn't make it w/o your prayers! I NEED to be strong for Natasha today, but I don't "FEEL" too strong. So I'm asking Jesus, who promises strength for each new day... or could I translate that... "each new turn.. since she needs to roll every 1/2 hr. on the clock.." :) for the strength to be strong for her. So far I've been able to be strong and not break down when she sees me. THAT's ALL GOD... for I'm a very emotional Moma normally. So God is good, we are counting on Him! Natasha memorized the verse Is 41:10 this week, heading into surgery. she loves music as you know, but didn't realize that it was a song too. I sang it to her once and she had it. we'll be singing a lot today no doubt. I quote/sing, "Fear Thou not, for I am with thee, be not dismayed, for I am thy God, I WILL strengthen Thee, Yea I will help thee... Yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my Righteousness!" God Bless You all, from this over-whelmed Moma's heart! ~Laura~

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just tonight as we were rolling Natasha over to her side she said, "I can't take this any longer." We got her to her side and paused to pray to our Lord and Saviour. In no time at all, she was comforted and resting. Only in heaven will we begin to understand how awesome God is!

Hopefully this isn't redundant. Today they came and fitted her for her 'brace.' They made a plaster mold of her entire upper torso and got plaster everywhere - of course it was men doing the job - which may account for that, or not! Anyway, then they take the mold and make some type of a plaster brace - I think! The last last two days has been information overload and hearing terms I'm not familiar with and Laura was there for the process not me. The brace is removable and I am not sure as of now if the Dr. is ok with her removing it for sleeping purposes. We will find out tomorrow.

Big day tomorrow. The Dr. has mentioned, it is when we need to get a little mean - getting her up, moving her around more - so there will be much pain involved. It has been real tough on me to see Natasha go through the pain. She rolls from one side to the other about every hour, which requires assistance from Laura and/or myself. However, the nurses, techs. and Drs. are amazed at how well she is doing. For the most part Natasha rolls over on her own, which is very unusual for patients with this surgery, at least the first 24 hours that is.
How my heart wants to thank You ALL for your prayers for Natasha, our sweet daughter. The Lord is really helping her and we praise Him! This is the toughest thing that she will have to face for a long time and how we thank the Lord for his goodness to us... totally undeserved. As I tried to sleep last night and sleep wouldn't come, my heart was SO overwhelmed with tears and praise to the Lord for his greatness to us. What an Awesome God we serve! Our experience here at Children's has been incredible! God is SOOOO GOOD! Everyone is so caring and my mind can't grasp how many ways He is watching over us and caring for our Natasha. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for her tomorrow and Thurs as those will be very rough days for her. She is to get up and walk tomorrow and pain will hit NEW levels! But our God is able to do ABOVE... far beyond all that we ask and even comprehend! As Daryl tried to pray on Monday to find release and couldn't pray... tried again and couldn't get anywhere, that is... til Jesus sweetly whispered to him... "Son, this is when I carry you!" We feel and sense your love and support and we thank you! In Christian Love, ~Laura~
We have been so blessed at how God has worked. A few years ago we were able to buy a house in Cincinnati. That house is only 5 minutes from the hospital. Then God providentially opened the door for us to get an appointment with Dr. Crawford - who wasn't taking any new patients. Dr. Crawford is possibly the best spine Dr. in the U.S in his field. To some that may be debateable, but worst case scenario - he is one of the best. We are so blessed that God opened this door. I will post a link to a few articles about his accomplishments. God is so good!
The casting process was quite an ordeal for both Natasha and for Laura, as she watched. Natasha had to be turned and move quite a bit which brought lots of pain. The cast is scheduled to be delivered and put on tomorrow. After the ordeal of being fitted and going through the intense pain, a nurse came in to check on Natasha. When Natasha saw the nurse she replied, if you cause me any pain, I'll send you into the next room. :) The first sign that Natasha is showing her true spirit. She's been working hard, cooperating, and a fighting spirit - a good sign. Currently, she is resting well. The Dr. came by to check on her and everything seems to be going well. Thanks again for your prayers.
Laura told me they were just getting ready to 'cast' Natasha. I don't know if they are fitting her for a cast or the actual process because I haven't made it to the hospital yet.
Natasha had a pretty good night last night until about 6:00 a.m. when she was in lots of pain. They have been trying to ween her off of the morphine so they could give her Valium, which will better help the type of pain she's having. Will try to update this a little later with more specifics. Thank you again for your prayers.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Wow! What a day! I am emotionally exhausted and didn't have anything done to me. Natasha is in her room and resting as well as possible. Thank you for your prayers and the comments as well, they mean a lot and we've passed many along to Natasha and she has been touched by them. Many times we don't see the results of God moving, we pray but never see the end result. May I encourage you tonight that our God is awesome and has answered your prayers. Yes, Natasha has a LONG way to go - approx. 2 months of recovery and 6 weeks in a brace but we serve an awesome God. We sensed your prayers! Yes, it's been tough on mom and dad but a deep peace has been there and that only comes from God. All of the Drs., technicians, and nurses who were in the surgery and that we talked too commented on how well Natasha did and how everything went well. Chance? Luck? Hardly! Not when you are a child of God and His children are praying. Thank you to our Russian, Romanian, Columbian, Canadian, "who knows what other countrian," and our dear fellow Americans who have been bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. You are our brothers and sisters in Christ. We love you! Continue to pray that God gives Natasha complete healing and mom and dad the strength needed to help Natasha be strong. We will try to keep posting just to keep you updated.
Praise the Lord for his help so far. Natasha's in recovery and will soon be moved to her room. She's been in a lot of pain,but doing well. Everyone involved in the surgery has commented on how well she has done in surgery. She has a long road of recovery ahead of her, but we thank the Lord for his help so far.
Thank the Lord to his help so far! The doctor was pleased with how the surgery went. However, since they had to do so much correction and straightening, he has prescribed a brace for her to where for six weeks.Thank you for your prayers! We ask that you continue to pray for Natasha that the Lord will heal her completely. WE serve an awesome God!
The most recent update is that the doctor is in the correction process, which means that they are straightening her back. The technician said this is the final stretch. He should be completed in a couple hours, and we should be able to talk with Dr. Crawford at that time. Thank you for your prayers!

Surgery Update!
We just got a call from the surgery technician. The doctor is inserting the screws to attach the rods to the spine. They said she is doing fine. Continue to pray that God will guide the doctors hands and for Natasha's recovery. Thank you for your prayers... we sense God's help.
Daryl and Laura
Surgery for Natasha has started! Incision has been made.All is well so far! Before surgery Natasha was in good spirits. The Lord was giving her calm assurance and we had several good seasons of prayer with our pastors, family, and just us. Continue to pray for all involved.

Daryl and Laura

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thank you all so much for your prayers! I will be going in for spinal surgery tomorrow morning at 5:30 a.m. A lot of emotions have gone through me these past couple days, but it means so much to know that people all over the world are praying! Your prayers are really a comfort! Mommy and Daddy hope to keep you all updated on my progress.
Thanks for your prayers.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kid Smiles!
This morning I asked Bryan to bring me 2 bowls to make he and Darla's oatmeal... and he was nearly juggling them as he walked toward the kitchen with them. I said, "Bryan, please be careful!" After safely putting them on the kitchen counter he sighed and said, "I'm careful... just in a dangerous way!"

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Count-Down is on!

Please keep Natasha in your prayers as her surgery is this coming Monday a.m., Lord willing. The Lord is helping and has kept her healthy thus far and how we praise Him. Trusting our Great Physician to give her the strength to go through with this and see her through. He is Able!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The girls decided that they wanted this yummy stuff for breakfast this Saturday. And they wanted it bad enough to get up and make it themselves! They did a great job. One of them made the homemade buttermilk biscuits and the other made the Soppy Chocolate! It was delicious! Every bit as tasty as if I'd made it... no, actually it was BETTER... cause I didn't have to make it! Hee! Thanks girls, Mommy loves you MUCH and I'm also very pleased with the progress Jesus is helping you all to make. Keep up the good work!

Soppy Chocolate! A Family Favorite!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Natasha's surgery has been reset for March 28th. There was an opening - due to a cancellation for someone else. So she is scheduled to have surgery Mon., March 28th. They have kept the April date just in case she gets sick again. So we ask that you pray that all of the 'germies' stay away. She went and saw a Dr. on Thurs. and was given the go-ahead; however, she has been given restraining orders to not go out in public much - to0 much of a risk of getting sick again.
As I was standing on the ladder, trying to fix a seem that the finishers missed, my daughter asked me how I knew how to do so much. "Your a real handy-man." How did you learn all of this? You didn't go to college for it. I laughed on the inside because my attempt at putting mud on a piece of drywall would make a sheetrocker cry; it was pretty pitiful if you ask me. I replied to my daughter - "I don't have a clue what I am doing." "Anyway, it looks good," was her reply. Thanks daughter. You made me feel good because I know I probably won't be making a living doing 'mudding.' :) I told my wife a few weeks back, if I had a high paying job all of these years - I wouldn't know how to do any of this - I would have hired it out. Even though there still is a lot to do, we are progressing. Slava Boga!
The summer I worked for my Uncle Kenny, mixing mud for he brick masons, came in handy. Today, I poured the concrete in our bathroom. It's only been 2 yrs. and 7 months since we started this project - so what's the hurry. We are on a mad dash to finish this before Natasha's surgery. Next up - thinset to level the floor, sealer for the cracks, ditra, tile, grout, etc. Just for nostalgia sake - the trowels I used today were my Uncle Kenny's.

This is an old church bench Daryl picked up several years ago. Today, Brittany decided to paint it off-white to match our L.R. The bench was in pretty rough shape so it will need several coats. The only problem was, Diesel decided he wanted to get involved. So when no one was looking, he got into the paint supplies. I think this is where the story "Run spot, run," came from.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

"Every experience God gives us, every person He puts in our lives, is the perfect preparation for the future that only He can see." Corrie ten Boom

Just a note to reassure anyone who might have been tempted to think contrarily. You can't get Kyphosis by slouching in your chair or not standing straight; kyphosis has multiple causes which are out of our control. Aren't you glad that God has everything under control! The Greek meaning for "everything" is EVERYTHING! God allows difficulties to come into our life so that He might be glorified and to give us the opportunity to be a witness for our Lord and Saviour. ~DH~

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Natasha update:
The surgery has been rescheduled for April 28th. Please pray that all 'germies' stay far away! :)
"There are no IFs in God's eyes." Corrie ten Boom - The Hiding Place

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Happy International Women's Day!!!

While missionaries in Russia, we learned of this special holiday and it's been special to us ever since. This is similar to our "Mother's Day" in the states, only it is NOT exclusive to Mother's only, but to all women, even little girls! (I'm learning it's not just Europe that celebrates this holiday, but many other countries as well!)
So I wish all of your ladies out there a special day. Maybe you'll want to accept this holiday too, hey one can't ever be appreciated enough, huh?! Just Teasing! We may celebrate by pouring concrete in our bathroom floor. Whatever works, I'm happy!!!! :)
Update on Natasha's Surgery!

Natasha could SURE USE YOUR PRAYERS TODAY. I was very concerned about her flu like symptoms and so took her to her Dr this a.m. and they feel that due to the normal course that flu and virus must run, that she won't be well enough to face such a serious surgery. Sooooooo they have postponed her surgery and now have to FIND A NEW DATE to fit that in! We are definitely dealing with the normal let-down feelings, so do pray for her. They want her TOTALLY WELL, before such a surgery and we do too! But that doesn't make it all easy to just switch things and keep going.

We don't understand such things, but we do know that HIS TIMING is what we want ALWAYS and forever! We have been praying for God's perfect timing through all of this; however, do keep her on your prayer lists, as this is no small feat to get this all worked in and her well enough in time to march in June for her H.S. Graduation. I know that JESUS CARES about such things and so we are trusting Him with this whole outcome! We want GOD'S PERFECT TIMING in all of this, not ours!

Love to all,

Laura and Family

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Prayer Request

We would like to request your prayers for our daughter, Natasha. This past summer, she was diagnosed with Kyphosis, or humpback, a genetic deformity. We have been very concerned about her back needs and have been trying to get help through physical therapy for 3 years now, but to no avail. The Lord totally opened the door for us to get in to see a spine specialist here in Cincinnati. Natasha is scheduled to have spinal surgery on March 14th, Lord willing. Currently, she has a cold – if this persists they will not do surgery.

They will be inserting rods in her back with a procedure known as bone-fusion. This is a very BIG deal. Totally out of our hands, but we serve a faithful God who has had Natasha in the palm of his hand for years now. And though this is tough for her to have to face, it is no surprise to God, the great physician; we would covet your prayers in her behalf. The surgery they are telling us will take up to 7 hrs total. We are SO thankful for the experienced Dr. that the Lord has provided. In the words of Natasha’s Dr., “I do the surgery, but God does the healing.” We’ll try to keep you updated as we are able.


Daryl Hausman