Monday, January 31, 2011

The smile says it all! I have thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with my son on the slopes. Last summer I bought a pass for both of us even though he didn't know how to ski and I'm just a novice. Why? Well, I didn't have the extra money, I knew I wouldn't have the money come winter, and I definitely knew I wouldn't have the time. So why did I buy it? Well, I purposely made the sacrifice - both financially and time wise - knowing there are things in life that are definitely worth the sacrifice! Connecting with my son and he with me is important - not just quality time, but quantity as well! This reminds me a little of The Father and His child (little me). God desires not just quality time but quantity as well. Do we go to Him with our onslaught of requests, cares, fears, or concerns, without giving him the time to talk? Personally, I love the times when I have a dialogue with my Savior; I talk, He talks, (that means I must shut-up and be quiet) and back and forth the conversation goes! That's relationship, bonding, and growing! May I, on purpose, seek those times as diligently as I find the time to get out and enjoy "the slopes."

Thanks Uncle John! You are a great teacher!