Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 Happy New Year!

Daryl and I with our four blessings!
 We decided to just go ahead and get family pics, the first day we could after the older girls got out of school. Unfortunately it turned out to be FREEZING! So excuse the "frost" around all of our eyes! Smile!

Lil Miss Bubbly Darla!  She Always has a ready smile!

Bryan with upraised eyebrow when he thought the photographer got a lil too close! =)
Our Brittany, Delighted to be on Christmas Break

Our sweet Natasha

Looking forward to a New Year and excited to see where all God will lead us! We are never bored and have been so many places and had so many of our desires met... all b/c we decided to unreservedly follow Christ.  We have so many blessings to count!
We did a poor job staying caught up  on our blog last year, here's a start (late) for this year.  This post isn't really profound.... but who's shocked. =) Just a quick pic post and to SHOUT OUT... God is so good and I so love Him!  And only desire that He stay the CENTER of all of our Haus!!! Until next time...