Monday, July 15, 2013

Before and Happily Ever-After!

 Hope your day was as special as ours. To see more fun pics go here! Jesus knows just what we need... even when we are sure we think we have the best of plans all made out... You see we had planned for over a year to go camping with the Dickinsons over the 4th of July.  Little could we have known ALL that would be on each of our plates when that time came around.  Nor could we have known what the weather in Cinci was gonna do.... we got plastered with rain... like as in... we were close to thinking we might need another ark.  But we came to realize that Jesus helps those who can't help themselves... and HE SENT THE RAIN... so that we could still be together in our houses, but get LOTS and LOTS of work done too and He even allowed us to have a level of sanity too!=)
I've included a few "Before and After" pics to brag on my dear man.... =) Here's a BEFORE shot for ya...
Our First Date!!!! 50's Banquet!!

 And now on our way to Happily-Ever-After!!!!
23 years later and STILL VERY MUCH IN LOVE!!!


 How I love this dear man that Jesus gave me over 23 years ago!  Didn't have time to post a post like I wanted too back in June... so here's a catch up one braggin on this Wonderful Man! He never ceases to amaze me.  Seriously, I'm sooooo blessed!  Thanks be to Jesus for the wisdom He grants this man of how best to lead our home.  Being submissive the devil would have we ladies think is the hardest thing ever.  While it's not always easy (but then again since when is ANYTHING worth while easy!!!) it is SOOOOOO rewarding!  The Lord blesses and blesses and the rewards are out of this world!  I'm so grateful for his wisdom with raising our kids too.  Can't tell you how many times I've nearly had my mouth drop wide open for the ways in which God has lead him to direct or confront or train our kids!  WOW.... one hunk of a man all b/c of Jesus!!!  I love you so much Sweets, and I'd say YES all over again... even LOUDER THIS TIME around!  God is sooooo good and truly that song is true... "Only God Could Love You More Than I Do!"  Here's a few projects he's been workin on makin me SOOOOOO happy!

 Here are a few more projects that have been getting some attention around this Haus!  Yea!!!

Daddy (U. Daryl) with some extra helpers!
A dishwasher 1st time in over 5 yrs!!!!
I'm feelin VERY spoiled!!!
Before lighting... but that sure beat the flashlight stage! =)

Lowe's Clearanced for only $8!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!

 These next few pics.... are takin over the last 4-5 years.... but God has been good each stage of the way.  And we were extremely grateful for each new stage!


Toilet installed... that beat the decent of 40 stairs to our basement bathroom! =)

Author of Invention... =) This stage made us laugh!

Drum roll please.....

Finished!!! Praise the Lord!
Finished!!!! Yea!  Happy Anniversary to me for prob several years... for dumb me had NO IDEA what I was askin for... he (and the Lord) were nice enough to help make it all happen!  I smile EVERY TIME I just walk into our bathroom!
This before and after stage makes me think of my walk with Jesus... So while I'm thanking Jesus for the many projects that we got done... BUT MOST OF ALL for the BEFORE AFTER stage of my life... AFTER JESUS COMES INTO YOUR LIFE... you never want to know anything about the "Before"... cause things are different, better, brighter, all b/c of Jesus!  PtLord!

Blessings to you and yours!

Monday, July 08, 2013

Ice Cream, Parks, Shopping! All "Grand"-Parent time!

 This is another blurb of pics post... to catch you up on our blur of summer daze around this Haus!!!!!

Shared Ice Cream Brownie Sundae!
 Someone gave our family a money gift early in June and told us to go out to eat... something we rarely do.  So with that gift we decided to go to Chili's!  I just love how God chooses to use our lives to glorify HIMSELF and touch others for Christ when we least expect it.  While there, God brought a lady into our lives that we have tried to pray for many times since.  Our waitress for the evening was SOOOOOO sad and Daryl felt impressed to ask her if she was doing okay... at 1st she was defensive but once she caught that we weren't judging her, but just wanted to help her by praying for her, she melted into tears!  Would you help us pray for Nicole as you think of her?  We have no idea where she is or if we'll ever see her again, but Jesus does!
Time at a Park with Gram and Gramp!!!
 My parents came over for a few days to have some R&R!!! All of that was when we found out Moma had had a light stroke!!!  We have SOOOOO many blessings to count, but it's still hard, hard, hard!  Do keep Praying for she and Daddy as they wait on God for what step to take next in life! At times it Breaks our hearts!
On top of the World... well close!

Our Manly Man... whatever she (Darla) can do, he can always do better! =)

 Darla wants to make and bake and sew and all the fun stuff that life gets too full during the school year to make happen.... so since it was hotter than hot, I had her to make this Giant Banana pudding to share with Pop-Pop and Grandma when they arrived! She did a FINE job!


There ain't a serious bone in this Pop-Pop EVER! =)

But they don't make them ANY BETTER either!!! Love your laughs, Dad!
 Daryl's WSU students were taking a field trip and so he called and asked if we'd all like to go along!  Uh, YEAH!!!!  So we got to go to Dayton to a gorgeous park... complete with a watch dog on duty so they don't have geese and their messes to clean up after!  It was breath-takingly beautiful!  One of Daryl's colleagues shared that she and her husband had gotten engaged at this park.  It would be beautiful to see at every season!

Stealin the Gulf Cart... oh wait they didn't leave the keys!

Some of us Summer Students!

                       And since that day happened to be my birthday TOO.... it was extra special!
Happy 43rd B-day to me!

 When Daryl called to tell me about the field trip (He was at school and you had to turn in a number that day...) he actually called to invite me out on a date!!!!  After the park they had made reservations at an authentic Spanish restaurant.  And since it was for the whole group it was MUCH LESS expensive... so not only did I get to go to a park with the kids... and my in-laws b/c of love.... but they came home with the kids and we got to change shoes and go out to eat... not alone, but had a fun time with the teachers he teaches with there at Wright State!
YUMMY Spanish meal! Chicken something and beans and rice, Fried plantan(sp?)and a 1st for me.... fried Yucca! DELISH!!!!

At that  beautiful Authentic Spanish Restaurant!

 We always try to do fun things with Daryl's parents when they are here... and so after a day of working on projects around this Haus.... we took them to Jungle Jims!  We've been dying to go... just had never taken the time.  We'll be back, there's no doubt! It was a Fun, Fun, Fun, multicultural place to re-visit those "GOING TO MARKET" feelings of the mission field!

Two fun girls in our lives!   Love their giggles!

The bathroom was hilarious.... they have it set up like you're going to go into an outhouse... so you find yourself preparing for the out-house smell... (at least I did) and it opens up into this amazing bathroom with like tons of stalls!  Hilarious!

Here Daryl is Holding "Kvass" an authentic Russian drink for summer!
 This next pics are a tad blurry.... but we laughed soooo hard.  Natasha never remembers visiting one of these mirrors that distort your size to make you look taller and shorter and squatty! .. and as you all know she is sooooo tall and slender that this was soooooo funny.  We laughed til we cried!
Didn't work... try again!

This is what Natasha would look like if she were 3ft tall! =)

For some reason this boy is like a magnet to cars!

Tryin out the 1st class airplane seats that they have in there! !


Especially if someone else is treating!!!!=)
 Daryl is holding my ice cream cone.... my FAVE is Black Raspberry Chocolate chunk in a pretzel cone!!!! Oh hush your mouth honey child!!!!!

Daryl and His Dear Dad!

Another Day we took a day and went to Hillsboro, OH... since we are "misplaced country folks!"  IOW (in other words) "livin in the city cause that is where we are planted for now".... it was a REAL treat!

Fun Cheery!

Yes... gotta stop at the Amish/Mennonite Bakery... must STOP!  Delish!

Enjoyin a Picnic for our Lunch!

Doing some of this too!!!!

While they were playing volleyball... Darla was desperately tryin to climb this tree... no one was available to help her get started.... so she came up with this plan....

And.... it worked!!!!

                                         Grandma and Pop-Pop even joined in for a few volley's!

This is LIVIN History!!! The kids had never had a soda from a glass bottle before!

Love the drips falling down his shirt! =)
 He had been workin so hard and so a cold soda tasted amazingly wonderful.  It is better tasting to us for these sodas are bottled in Mexico so they have the taste of the syrup that we LOVED overseas! Less Sugar and Less Fizz!  Delish... especially if you have a lemon wedge to add to it! YUM!

Our 23rd Weddin anniversary!

                       One last fiddlin concert for Grandma and Pop-Pop before they had to head back to PA!

We sure do love you all!

 Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!!