Saturday, July 28, 2007

Childlike faith!
My Sister and her family are planning on coming this coming week to visit us and like everyone else who has had to get their passports, they have had to wait, wait, & wait, no matter how early you send in your paperwork. Well, it is down to the last few days before they come and still no passports. I share the following with you to help us in our relationship with our Heavenly Father not to glorify our child for many have been praying!

Laura was busy taking care of something and Bryan came in to where she was and said, “Mommy, we need to pray for Uncle Frank and Aunt Doreen, right now.” (about the time the passport offices would be opening on Friday, 4 days before they are to fly on Tuesday; we are in Romania and offices in PA and Bryan has no idea about the differences in the time zones or when the offices open) Laura said, “You’re right Bryan, you pray first and then I’ll pray.” Then Bryan proceeded with the following, “thank you Jesus for Uncle Frank & Aunt Doreens passports, thank you for Uncle Frank & Aunt Doreens tickets, and amen!” No “OH dear God, thou knowest, the situation....” you know, like we adults tend to pray, sometimes with words taht we don't even use in normal vocabulary. Help! We are God’s children, aren’t we? We can talk to Him like He is our best friend...for He is our best friend. God wants us to come to Him with that simple child-like faith. The coolest thing was that later that day, my sister emailed us telling us that they got word that the tickets would be fed-exed, the next day. You can say it’s fate or coincidence, and you might be right, or you might not. I tend to believe that God moves the hearts of men and women and gets His will accomplished because prayer changes things and what a lesson to learn on how we are approach our heavenly Father, with simple child-like faith.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Youth Center Update! Thank the Lord we finally got a good signal and I'm able to upload of few pics of things. Just to keep you posted on the Youth Center, I've been working on some of the Interior wood to get it ready for the Drywall. I'm down to a lot of little stuff like braces, deadwood and other things that have to be done so sheetrock can be hung. Before that we must put insulation inside however there's one thing we are waiting on and we can't proceed until it's done.
We are awaiting the interior stucco men to come and finish the inside block walls. They must put the stucco on and then a finish coat so it can be painted. This has to be done before we can proceed with a few minor walls that must be built after they finish their part and before we can put up sheetrock. We also need to put down the heating system and then the finish concrete after they finish as well. So please pray that they will be able to come this coming week. Everything on the interior is awaiting their part. The crew that is too come has been very busy with other work, so pray that God helps them to finish those jobs and then come and finish ours this coming week.
Keep praying, God is helping and keep praying that God will meet the financial needs as well!
Soup anyone? Darla and Bryan are becoming quite the cooks. They love to play outside and have a special recipe of Grass and Water and I'm not sure what else. Here you can see that they were able to get one happy customer to try some of their homemade soup.

Our girls Ministry! God has given us wonderful children and we are so blessed. Due to various reasons our children haven't gone to Sunday School class and our 2 oldest were feeling bad that the younger ones did't have a chance to enjoy Sunday School class. So Natasha and Brittany took it upon themselves to have Sunday School class for our two youngest. So every Sunday afternoon, it's S.S. class time. Darla and Bryan love it and the two older do a wonderful job of preparing as well as leading the class.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oh the joys of living in a foreign culture! If you think I'm being delinquent on these posts you might be right. We have a very tempermental internet server and it is very difficult to upload pics as well as even send emails sometimes. After about the 4th or 5th try, it gets old, so I just scrap it. So, I'm sorry if theren't aren't as many pics as you would like.

We are almost finished with the interior walls and ceilings at the Youth Center. It's down to the nitty gritty stuff in order to get it ready for drywall. Please do pray for the Interior Stucco guys who are supposed to come and finish the rest of the Block walls and get them ready for painting. We really need this done by next week.

Thank you for your prayers! God never has failed us and never will!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hello Again! I haven't gone anywhere, except have been real busy working at the Youth Center! I was able to recruit some help this week for a real cheap price. The kids enjoyed coming over and helping clean up as well as raise a wall or 2.

The interior walls & ceilings are almost completed. I'm down to a lot of little stuff that needs to be done in preparation for the sheetrock. There are also a few walls that I need to wait on until the interior stucco guys do some of their work.

Pray that they are able to come this week. We are awaiting the interior stucco guys to come and we are trusting that they will be able to finish soon so that that part is ready for painting.

Prayer Request!

  • Pray for the finances for completion of this phase of the project. The dollar value has dropped to incredibly low prices which means we can't buy near as much with our American dollars. It has dropped 10% just since Feb. and almost 20% within 11 months. We didn't reach our goal of what we had hoped to raise for this phase, & there have been extra expenses that we were unaware of when we set our budget for the Youth Center.

For these reasons we are running low on finances and need wisdom as to how to use the funds the wisest possible way. We also ask for your prayers that God would meet the need for the needed finances. He never has failed us yet and we know He won't fail us again. It's exciting to see how God will meet this need.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy 100th Birthday Grandma Bryan!!!!!

Laura's Grandma Bryan just turned 100 Years Old today, July 6th!!!! She's a wonderful lady who sacrifices much of her finances for the cause of Missions as well as is one of our faithful Prayer Warriors! We want you around for many more years, Grandma for we need your prayers daily!!!! Congratulations and thank you for your Godly life and daily prayers!

My Tall Grandma

Ruth Evelyn Colwell Bryan was born on July 6, 1907, near Rutland Ohio. She had ???? sisters and one brother. She was the youngest of all the girls.
Grandma’s family lived two miles from the one-room schoolhouse where they attended. When it snowed her father would bring a sleigh, and the neighbor kids would ride with them to school. On Saturdays, they usually cleaned the school house.
Great-Grandma did not have the kind of pet that you would think. Instead of a cat or a dog, she had a pet lamb named Nicodemus! She also had two pet chickens as pets. One of these chickens was scrawny. She named it Bruce after a skinny boy in her class.
Great-Grandma Bryan was her Daddy’s little shadow. She loved to be around him and learn things from him. When she would help him in the fields, he would plow with the tractor and let her trial behind with the seeds. When she would get too far behind eh would stop and wait for her. She also helped her mother with the household chores. Since they did not have vacuum cleaners back then, they used brooms. I found it interesting that they even swept their carpets with a broom. If the carpets got too dusty they would sprinkle water on them.
When Great-Grandma was a little girl she liked to play house with her rag dolls. Her best friend, Hilda, would sometimes come over and stay. While she was there they would play dolls, Hilda’s playhouse was more like a “real house” so Grandma preferred to go over there to play.
Great-Grandma cannot remember having crayons. They used flower called morning glories. When they were in the bud if you squeezed them just right they would squirt out the juice. They did not have coloring books, however there were black and while ladies fashion magazines that she would used as her coloring books. My Great Grandma’s creativity began a LONG time ago!
My Great-Grandma, Ruth Colwell married Clyde D. Bryan on May 10, 1927. She lost their 1st child through a miscarriage. Throughout the years of their marriage, God blessed their home with four children. Helen was their oldest daughter and then came Virginia. They had two sons Keith Roger and Edgar Andrew. Sadly, Keith was killed in an accident at the age of seventeen. Edgar A. Bryan their youngest son is my Gramp.
Though there were cars when Great-Grandma was a little girl, her family did not have one. They went everywhere in a horse and buggy. They did not get a car until she was older. She rode on a train after she got married, however she did not fly on an airplane until she was 96!
Great-Grandma Bryan does excellent needle work. I love to look at all the things she has made. She has made me many gifts that I cherish. Among these is an embroidered pillow case. When we were up there she taught me some embroidery stitches.
I enjoyed reading Great-Grandma’s autobiography that she wrote about her life. Last January I got to interview her when we were visiting them. She lives with my Gramp and Gram, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Bryan. Though Great Grandma Bryan went through many hard times, she still has remained very sweet.
When I was three years old, Great-Grandma had written us some letters with some stories in them from her childhood. Mommy read us some of these stories out of her letters for our bedtime story one night. She then told us that Grandma’s birthday was coming up and that she would be 93. Because I was growing taller every year, I thought everyone kept getting taller no matter how old they got. So I exclaimed to my Mommy, “Wow, She must be REALLY tall!” Ever since then, she has been “My Tall Grandma”.
I admire Great-Grandma Bryan because she is a wonderful Christian. She will be One Hundred years old this Saturday, July 6th and she is still living for Jesus. I love you, Great-Grandma Bryan, “My Tall Grandma!”
Note: Brittany wrote this as one of her writing assignments for this past school year! We All love and miss you Grandma and wish with all of our hearts that we could be there to help you celebrate. But God has asked us to be in Romania at this point and we will be with you in our thoughts and prayers!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Thank you Romania TLC 07 team! God definitely put this team together and we want to personally thank you for all you’ve done. You will never know the blessing you were and the seeds that were planted for the kingdom of God. You worked very hard at the Youth Center and without any complaints. Scraping the Mission House Gates to perfection, mowing grass, pulling weeds, washing dishes, cleaning, washing clothes, busting out concrete, preparing iron for the concrete, pouring concrete, digging a trench for the ground wire and lightning rod wire, painting the anti-fire solution on the wood, building walls, leading childrens’services, ministering through song, playing with the children and youth, and ministering to the Hausman family was all done well! Did I leave anything out? If so, leave me a comment on the blog and I may decide to post it. All total you worked over 450 hours at the Youth Center and Mission House, not counting cleaning, dishes, laundry and those types of things. We thank you for your contribution towards advancing the kingdom of God through your Ministry in Talpos and Batar.

Thank you so much for all you did. You didn’t just come and stay with us but you became part of our family and we enjoyed it immensely. We have many fond memories and only wish we could have had some more time with you all. To be able to say that after 3 weeks with each other is a mighty testimony on how well you did. You came and were servants and that’s fundamental in ministering to others. May God bless each of you and we trust that you will continue to walk with Christ and follow His leadership.

Lenita, Brianna, Christa, Amber, Travis, Rick, Jon, & Mike, we love and appreciate each of you and look forward to seeing you all again sometime!

In Christ!
Daryl, Laura and family

Amber is painting on the anti-fire solution that needs to be done for all interior wood. Goia is the man who is helping! He's an extremely hard worker, but needs Jesus! Pray that God would break all of the chains in his life!

"Jon, which nail do I hit?" Jon and Mike are nailing one of the interior walls together. Thanks guys for all or your hard work!

Rick the Power Lifter! Rick is raising this wall all by himself!

Here's a picture of a couple of the walls that we were able to get raised!