Sunday, September 16, 2007

Here we are with our wonderful co-laborer, Sally Sebo. She's a gem and we've enjoyed working with her. I do want to update you on the progress of the Youth Center, so you know how to pray. We have come to a stopping point right now simply because, the funds have run out. As I mentioned before, there are several main reasons for this: we didn't reach our goal from last spring / summer, not all pledges came in, there were extra expenses that we were not aware of, & the dollar value hit an all time low this summer. We are not discouraged for God has helped tremendously and will continue to help. It's His work, not ours and He will work things out according to His timing and will.

We just travelled back to the states this last week and we thank God for travelling mercies. We came home to take care of family needs, which most importantly of all has been the mental tiredness that I’ve been facing and all I could get clear on was to “come and rest a while”. Yes, we also have some physical needs but those have been secondary to what I mentioned previously. We are hoping that Missions is still in our future but that this is the next step God wants us to take.

So we would appreciate your prayers for God's leadership and for the Youth Center and His will concerning this project.
Here's some of the children from the "House of Hope" orphanage enjoying a few gifts we were able to give to them.
Our 5th child, Rita, the Rottweiler! We prayed that God would provide a nice home for Rita and He did. One of the nice young men from the church took her and will take good care of her.

We enjoyed playing some volleyball with the youth on our last evening there. This is Flavius who is a wonderful young man. I only wishi I could play football like him. (Oh, yeah, that's the football played with your feet, not your hands)
Our children have enjoyed playing with the neighbor kids. The neighbors were Hungarian and didn't understand much of our limited Romanian, so communications were interesting. The kids exchanged gifts as we said our good-byes.

Friday, September 14, 2007

To God be the glory, great things He has done! The girls just played this song in church and we always want to give God the glory for we know so well how limited we are in our own human efforts. God has helped tremendously in the last year and we give Him all of the praise!
Our kids have enoyed playing with Sally's cat, Sasha! (or "shasha" as Bryan calls her) This cat was dropped off at the Youth Center when it was just days old. Sally needed a good "mouser" and Sasha is doing real well at that and has caught the first mouse already.
I apologize for the dead space in the post below and can't seem to edit it correctly! We want you to know how much we appreciate your prayers and financial support for the Youth Center! We continue to need God's wisdom in decisions for the future of the Youth Center and would appreciate your prayers.
There's been lots of custom desiging going on, simply because we had to decide how to work around this or that and with no plans to use for most of the framing part. Here, Natasha was helping me with putting up some homemade ceiling joist. What that means is, the ceiling joists that we wanted and that were the correct size could not be found and so I had to improvise, but God helped and illuminated my mind and it all worked out fine.

This is only for "trained professionals"! This is downstairs in the kitchen looking into the pantry area. You never know what you will get yourself into when you become a Missionary! I've had several years of experience in framing and roofing but have never hung a sheet of drywall in my life. However, I have now hung my first several sheets of drywall and I've come to the conclusion if I had to do it to make a living, I wouldn't make any money at it. It was kind of fun though, even though I am very slow at it. We got most of the drywall downstairs done, with very litte left to do. The upstairs is a totally different story, for there's plenty to do and we hope to have a work team late in the fall or early winter come and help with that.
Praise the Lord for His help! The entire heating tubes and finish layer of concrete has been installed and poured downstairs! We can see the light at the end of the tunnel but still need your prayers and God's help for the rest!
The finish layer of concrete has been installed over the heating tubes!
Finally getting caught up! Lots has happened and we Praise God for all of His help! We were able to finish painting the ceiling, get the lights installed and here you can see the heating tubing that has been laid in the multi-pupose room.