Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy 101st Birthday to Grandma Bryan! Ruth Bryan turned 101 today, went to church with us, was her spry old self at dinner and even blew out all of her candles on her cake! After blowing out the candles one replied that "she was a professional." She's had lots of practice!

We are blessed and honored to have a dear saint who is a prayer warrior and very generous giver to Missions.

Just think of all that has happened in our world, the inventions, the technology, the people who've come and gone, since 1907 when she was born. Are we a better nation now than we were back then? Are we more Godly or more wicked? Can it still be said today that, "America is great because it is good?" Are we more hooked on being "Great" than being "good"?

I couldn't resist this picture because the shirt is cute. Picture taken at a recent Church dinner!