Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary, Moma and Daddy!Today, June 30th, my parents are married 50 years! Many happy moments together! Anyone who knows my Dear Daddy will know why I LOVE this picture of him. His laugh has made us all laugh for years! I love the story of one that Moma tells of one of their 1st dates when Moma had told daddy something which he thought funny and so he howled laughing and she turned VERY red... for the whole GBS campus could hear him laughing at her! :)
One of the rare pictures that you'll find of Daddy smiling! He is a very jovial person, but somehow has the idea that in pics he's NOT supposed to smile. So here's another of my favorites for I LOVE His smile! :) This picture is taken in front of the Taft Museum just at the end of our street where Daddy "Engaged" Moma! (As our son Bryan calls it!)
The Edgar A. Bryan's 1961-2011! Thanks Daddy for taking such Tender Care of Moma all of these years! And thanks Moma for following and standing by your man through thick and thin... (it was mostly THIN... in our growing up years!!!) Yet we NEVER knew we were poor, for the Lord gave you both such an ability to make do with whatever He provided! You were never "down in the mouth" for worrying about all of your needs... We just watched you go to Jesus for your every need! What an example you have been to us over the years! God has always provided for you all and you were/are always QUICK to praise Him!
Thanks, Moma for teaching us how to "flirt" with our husbands, for loving Daddy, NEVER exploiting his faults to us, sticking up for him if ever if was necessary, sitting on his lap, keeping him happy and a true sense of the word, "Help Meet"!
And thanks for the reward, Daddy! (I may get in trouble for this one!!!! Yikes!!!) But we kids NEVER doubted that you loved each other unconditionally... and that's GONE a long way towards making us who we are today!
Andrew and Vonnie Bryan and their six blessings from heaven! They celebrate 24 years together this fall! Praise the Lord for keeping you safe... same "glue" has held you all too!
Lincoln and Lynette Bryan and their 2 blessings from Heaven! Thanks Lincoln and Lyn for being faithful to each other as well! They celebrated 22 years this spring!
Daryl and Laura Hausman and our 4 blessings from Heaven! Together for 21 happy years! PTL!
Phillip and Heather Dickinson and their 5 blessings!!! (so far that is... again I may get hit... but I think I'm a safe enough distance away!!!:) They just celebrated 16 years earlier this month!
We are all "Together Forever" God being our helper!
Thanks Moma and Daddy for loving Jesus MOST OF ALL! You've been faithful and your children want to take this occasion to "rise up and call you blessed!" We love you all SOOOOO much! And look forward to getting to spend a few days with you all here soon! XOXOXO!
Your Eldest Daughter,

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our Baby Boy, Jesus sent us, is now 8!A special Happy Birthday, to my "birthday twin" in Romania! I miss you, Marius! Love, Bryan
I loved this spontaneous smile... just couldn't help himself!
When I can, I usually allow the kids to pick their birthday menu. Their day usually starts with breakfast-in-bed... well the " in-bed" part was nixed... for Bryan came bounding down the stairs to see if the Soppy Chocolate (see older posts) was ready yet just a tiny bit after 7a.m.!!! And This was Bryan's supper menu. Indian Taco's! He doesn't think ANY taco is complete without homemade guacamole... and most of us were SO glad that Daddy splurged and brought home 3 very ripe avocado's just perfect for what the kids called "Guatemala"!! (guacamole!) :)
And this is how the "rest" of the family enjoys Indian Taco's!
Bryan wanted to go to a park EVEN BEFORE OPENING HIS CARDS FROM FAMILY!!!! This is the kids absolute favorite park in the city. However, I usually have to "pray"(but that's a good thing) for the park is made UNDERNEATH the Interstate 471 crossing the Ohio River! You can hear huge semis crossing etc while the kids are playing!!!! (and since I'm claustrophobic... LOTS... that's the reason I must pray!) It is VERY cool though, and there's almost always a nice breeze!

Uh... this cake ENDED my "GR-8t" plans for a figure 8 race track cake!!!
Thankfully the Lord allowed this round to turn out... so this is what "we" came up with! You can guess "who" helped with the decorating!

Happy Birthday, Bryan we are sure glad that Jesus allowed us to have a boy too! Our prayer is that you will ALWAYS allow Jesus to be the Pilot of your life! Never try take over the controls yourself! Love you little boy... and thanks for not being TOO OLD to still climb on Moma's lap once in a while to hear a story! Love you lots!

Monday, June 27, 2011

~Graduation at CHEO~
First of all, I want to thank the most important person, God. I want to thank Him, for bringing me this far. I want to thank Him for helping us to find such a wonderful Christian home school group for me to graduate with. I thank Him for giving me such wonderful parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles cousins and friends all across the world. I thank Him for how he has helped me to grow physically, and spiritually. In the Bible, Peter started to walk on the water towards Jesus, yet he started to notice the stormy waves and the problems at at the time, and he started to sink. Like that example, I don't ever want to get so focused on this world and it's problems, that I loose sight of Jesus. I love Him so much, want to live for Him no matter what, and I want His will for my life.

To my wonderful parents~ Thank you so much for all the sacrifices that you have made over the years. Thank you for being wonderful, godly parents and examples to me. Thank you for loving God, and for doing His will. Thank you for being there for us, no matter where, when or what time of day. I love you so much.
Daddy, thank you so much for the wonderful father you have been for the past 18 years. Thank you for all you have done as "principal". Thank you for helping me with all the math over the past 7 years, from algebra, and business math to geometry. I am sure that you got all your gray hairs from trying to help me understand the proofs of geometry! ;) Love you so much.

Mommy, thank you ever so much for being such a wonderful home school mom! Thank you for the many hours you helped me study for tests...English, Economics, History, and the ever dreaded Chemistry! Thank you for all you have done for the past seven years in homeschooling us. I love you.

Brittany, Darla, and Bryan, Thanks for being such great siblings (on occasion ;) I love you all so much, and am glad that I get to be your older sister! Thanks for putting up with me! ;) (I didn't get a decent picture with Brittany, for the "great sibling on occasion" was playing a part there with Bryan pulling my hair out at a weird angle.)

Gram and Gramp, thank you for making the special effort to drive over on a Saturday night, and then having to rush back for your Sun. service. Thank you for being the best Gram and Gramp a girl could want. Thank you for letting us always come and see you, and mess up your always perfect house, and causing you many gray hairs wrecking havoc with your antiques! Love you all.

Grandma and Pop-pop, thank you for driving out to spend the weekend with us. Thanks for all the goodies that you brought, and all the memorable times together! Thank you for all the many miles you have driven/flew to come and see us): FL, TN, NY, OH, and Romania. Thank you for letting us come "home" to visit you both. You are the best Grandma and Pop-pop in the world! Love you all so much.
p.s. Pop-pop, you can thank me for not putting on the silly picture of you. I was looking out for your P.R. ;) thanks for all the laughs!

Thank you U. Frank, A. Doreen, and my dear cousin Sara for coming out for the weekend. Sara, thank you for being the wonderful photographer that you are! You are such a great and fun person to be around. We have had fun over the years, playing with your American girl dolls, swimming, and playing the infamous "blueberry", oh and don't forget the yearly Christmas tradition! ;) It has been wonderful having you as a cousin! U. Frank, A. Doreen, thank you for being just two of the best aunts and uncles I have. I couldn't say that you are the best, or there would be war between the rest! ;) Love you all.

Thank you all for the fun times we had together: spending the nights when we were little, and playing kickball in your yard, and the spontaneous times of having Sunday dinner together! We loved it. Thank you Budensieks so much, for making the long drive up from FL., to be at my graduation.

My dear friends Tiffany and Crystal. We have had some great times together from playing with dolls in the "covered red wagon" to jumping on a soaped trampoline and playing with water balloons or just talking and laughing. Thank you all so much for your friendship, it means a lot!

Christian Home Educators of Ohio~ The Graduating Class of 2011!

Our family~ Daddy (Masters in TESOL) and I (high school) graduates of 2011.

Thank you to all who helped us celebrate!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Sweets! (this photo taken in Austria 4 years back)
How glad I am that Jesus had you choose me! :) Thank you for all the wonderful years of following you! You are so wonderful, caring, ever loving, unselfish, and most of all such a God-fearing and loving Man! We are so blessed to have you to lead our home! And it is a JOY to follow you anywhere! I've never had to live in a "cardboard box" as I've jokingly told you that I would over the years! It has always been exciting to follow you wherever the Lord has led you and I WILL DO IT, by God's help as long as I live! God has been sooooo good to us and then to bless our home with four beautiful children, blessings are ours beyond counting and many wonderful friends the world over, too! How glad I am to be Mrs. Daryl Hausman! Happy Anniversary! All my love, Laura

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Goodbye Brace, Goodbye!And Natasha would add... "Good riddance and with Pleasure!" :) She has finally finished wearing her brace. They weaned her from it slowly since her body was so dependent upon it from the 1st 6 full weeks of wearing it 24/7! She goes in two weeks for her followup check-up!
Until then we have school to CRUNCH!!!! Desperately trying to be finished by June 18th, her Graduation Day!

Monday, June 06, 2011

God IS SO Awesome! Daryl got "unofficial word" that all of his final projects INCLUDING HIS PAPER that had to pass in order for him to graduate HAVE ALL PASSED! PTL!
Now this week is "crunch time" for Natasha especially! Please pray with us for her, for since her surgery her concentration level just isn't what she'd like it to be in order to finish up her tough subjects. But Jesus cares and we are trusting him!!!!
"Bless the Lord, Oh my soul, and All that is within me BLESS HIS HOLY NAME!!!"
(this is a year old pic... and my family won't love me when they see what I posted... :) But we did have a wonderful time with family in TN... another blessing from Jesus in our lives!)

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Just got a text from my man and his final project was just turned in! YEA!!!
This isn't the one he asked you to pray about... so keep praying with us about that one!!!
School's Out!!!!!!!!! Yes!Well, to be exact, Natasha has a few more things to finish, for obvious reasons, called a recent Spinal Surgery! She is plowing away learning about "Thingamajigs, and Whatchamacallit's" If you are confused, just contact her! :) In "back news" she has less than one week left to wear her brace and she can't wait to have that GONE! God is helping her with her healing and we praise Him sooooo much!

Brittany's done except for a few loose ends in her Speech class and Geometry! So close! She's goofing off with Natasha in this pic!
Darla and Bryan finished their work today and I'm one-happy-home-school Moma! :) this cowpoke pic was taken by some dear friends of ours... he was patiently (well maybe NOT) waiting on his sisters to finish visiting and they snapped this shot! Thanks Laura! We love it!
Some fun pics the girls took near our Haus!