Monday, September 09, 2013

School Days at our School Haus!!!

Our School Haus is up and running as of August 26th!
Counting my blessings... God is so good and it's just a JOY to serve Him!  I'm finding it a challenge to keep up some days... but Please tell me that is the "Norm" for most Home School Mom's.

My Blessings!
All of us in "school" except for me!
 Darla has entered Jr/High now.... where has time gone?!  She's sooooo excited for school.  It is always a challenge to me to find time for teaching what I like to call "Life Skills". Since my husband is a teacher... it is a BIG priority in our Haus that school NOT BE SHODDY.... or done slipshod... I'm NOT complaining, I'm VERY grateful for my SCHOOL 1st MAN.... however I've constantly been sad that they have so little time to "help" b/c school takes a FULL DAY and there is music practicing which takes up 2 hrs time too.... so with that as a background and with MUCH prayer about it...the answer came!  Today while being "overwhelmed" to the Lord... He gave me the idea early this a.m. in my devotions of giving her a "Homework" pass each Thurs morning and allowing her to help prepare a meal for that day. Today was our 1st day at it... and so she made Breakfast!  Nothing fancy... but it was a start!

Homemade French Toast!

 Bryan is entering the 4th Grade this fall!  He is busy, busy and finds sitting still a challenge... but it's great finding ways to keep him occupied!  He is QUICK which I LOVE (and try to take advantage of each afternoon for a few chores around the Haus. =)

Notice his "helpers" the Whip, & Legos?! Privilege of Home-Schoolin! =)

Bryan playin' Chef!
He loved this Creamy Frozen Fruit recipe that we got from a new friend recently! Thanks, Becky.

Daryl's 1st day at WSU was also the 26th of August... He's commuting up to Dayton 5 days a week.  But God is good and gives grace to meet our every need!  Just Can't praise Him enough!!!  We haven't gotten to meet his new group of students yet... but look forward to meeting some of them soon.

Natasha is attending God's Bible School and College again this fall. She is taking a full load of classes including choir, as well as playing her violin again in the GBS Wind Ensemble.  We are all excited to see what God has in store for her life.  She would appreciate your prayers that the Lord sends in the right part time job that will help to supplement her income to pay for schooling and expenses etc.  God is able and we aren't anxious... just trusting Jesus that He will accomplish His perfect will in every detail of her life... We can ALWAYS trust Jesus to do what is the VERY best for us!  PTL!

 Brittany lacked only a 1 semester course to be all completed with her high School work. (We gave her the option of taking that course as a summer course and marching last spring, but she opted to wait til this next spring!) We had found that particular course to be less than desirable through our previously used home school curriculum so decided to check if she could take this course through Altersgate Christian Academy.  They agreed and so she is enrolled there for 1st semester at least and is taking some college courses as well which double as high school credits, too.  We were soooo happy for her for she auditioned at the CCO (Cincinnati Community Orchestra) and was accepted this fall!!!  This is the 1st such orchestra of such magnitude for her to be involved in and she's nervous, but VERY excited, though she knows it will be a HUGE challenge!!!!!  She also placed 2nd chair in the GBS College Wind Ensemble!

Her recently Sprained Toe didn't stop practice!
Exciting days around this Haus... We like to tease the girls that our front door is revolving!!!! Seems to be always opening and closing with them and their friends coming and going! That's just how we like it! =) And We couldn't be happier for they all desire the Lord Jesus Christ to have FULL CONTROL of their lives!!!

"He (Jesus) is the Only Reason I Live.... BUT OH WHAT A REASON!!!"

Blessings to you and yours this new school year!