Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas from our Haus to yours!

 This will be a long post... but this is for my Moma and My sister, Heather... those of you who aren't Heather, or Moma, you can skip all of this and just know that we want you to have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! What's a Brother supposed to do with sooooo many sisters! :)
 And this is the before....( I totally LOVE the before pics that no one usually sees... for that's what makes the memory to me... so pardon me as I indulge myself to a few laughs below!!!)
 a family shot....
 This is a tad blurry, but some man offered to take a pic of all of us, my niece too.... so we kept it, out of focus and all!
 The girls were SO excited to find a REAL-LIVE PHONE BOOTH.... I don't think Bryan had a clue what the big hub-bub was about! :)
 When it's Christmas around our Haus... that usually means repairs... our basement door being installed BY my 2 FAVORITE MEN! =)
 Puzzles must be put together!....
 What is Christmas without Cookies?....
 And MORE cookies....
 Running here and there... (thanks Kate I LOVE THIS SHOT!!!)
 Christmas Russian Memories
 Pulling out teeth....
 Another fun Winter evening out on the town!
 Free Victorian Village and Free Hot Chocolate and cookies... a Hausman tradition!
 Sweet Victorian ladies I found to take a pic of...
 Sweet kids sporting their balloon gifts too
 Sewing... before you can have a "After pic... there's always the BEFORE!
 More cookies... Gingerbread BOYS
 Gingerbread GIRLS
 Two hoodlums!

 Thank the Lord for FREE Greenery for it sure makes Christmas FUN! AND REAL!(and brings that LUSCIOUS smell for those of us that have a "fake" tree! =)

 More repairs... bless his heart, He's wonderful!!!!!
 Here's the AFTER!!! Our Brittany got inspired by a few DIY blogs and thanks to "Grandma" Jowers' leftover fabrics and a "trim" off some other fabric she came up with this FUN pillow!
 Up close - ruffle!
 Jesus totally helped with this fun arrangement! (Antique window is WELL hidden under the wreath that I made!=)


 My Christmas present from Brittany... these candles for my sconce!
 Another FUN pillow that Brittany hand stenciled! GOOD JOB! makes a Momma's heart so pleased!
 Then there must be boys... he's NEEDING SNOW, don't you think?! (He's "snow boarding" here!) Excuse the shop vac...some people have NO imagination!!!
 Got to keep the twins... man can they EVER eat... fast as we could shovel it in.... and it took TWO of us! =)  Thanks for letting us keep them, Dee... made our night!
 We got to have company!!! Yea!  A favorite past time of ours... but people don't like to drive to the City much these days!  So we take advantage of the GBS Christmas program every time we can!=)

 This china cabinet was a special gift to us from friends in IN... thanks ever so much, Slaughters!  WE LOVE IT!
 Got to see my Grandma Bryan again!  Bless her heart!  Keep her in your prayers, she told me she is so tired! I would be too at 104 1/2 years old!
Daryl praying a prayer of Blessing over Grandma as we never know when it will be our last time to see her here on earth!  Thanks for taking the time (I know this post was LONG) to stop by and we pray you'll have a MERRY CHRISTMAS, all because of Calvary!
The Hausman Family

Monday, December 05, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Weekend!

 We were privileged to have 8 of Daryl's friends/students from WSU over to experience the American Holiday of Thanksgiving with Americans! Our kids sure enjoyed hearing their Daddy get called,  "Teacher, Teacher!" =) (Which Daryl says all of the TESOL students call them!)
 Here we all are at the stretched-out table!  (from 2 different angles!)The Lord helped and we so enjoyed our time together!  1st time for most of them to even taste American Home Cookin! Pumpkin Pie and Apple Pie too were enjoyed by all, especially with plenty of Whipped Cream! =)
 After dinner we had fun times of playing games & music!  Here Bryan is showing them some of his cars! Their English was very good, can't say as much for our learning Chinese, though! =)
 This pic isn't turned right... but it was such a cultural memory for the kids they had to have a shot of everyone's shoes left at the front door!
 Here one of the girls was so enthralled with the hair style of a "Curly Bun" and thought I had naturally curly hair!  So we promised after Dinner to "show her" how easy it was to do with NO CURLS!
 We all enjoyed the "Gift of GIVING" on our Thanksgiving day!
 As a 1st... Daryl took the girls "BLACK-Friday SHOPPING!"... this was a 4 a.m. so pardon the "square eyes"!!!
And the day was ended watching Downtown Tree lighting ceremony and fireworks... and it was is officially the Christmas Season!!!