Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Anniversary!
 Today is my dear parents 52nd Wedding anniversary! These people are sooooo special to me in hundreds of ways, so to adequately try to express my love for them would be impossible!  I am very grateful to God for choosing THEM to be my dearest Daddy and dearest Moma!  No doubt about it, I'm VERY BLESSED!  Moma and Daddy may not be "perfect" but then again... I'm not so sure!  God has helped you all to be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. parents!
As many already know, our dear Moma had a light stroke earlier this month.  This has changed life for them quite a bit.  We are counting our blessings that it wasn't worse... however, that doesn't take the need away for all of our prayers for them.  Today is their last service at their current pastorate and they are waiting on God for HIS will in their next step for the future! 

Special People to MANY!!!!

Something a tad personal... but here's a few lines from a letter I wrote to them this week!

"Dearest Daddy and Moma, We love you more than life itself and this is SOOOOO hard to see you having to face this mountain... but I keep hanging onto the promise(s) that the Lord who has led you through all the dark valley's of your lives together up til now, has NOT stopped workin! 
Daddy, you and Moma have sought and put God 1st in all things in your lives. Period. not for any gain, not to "get a handle" on God...NO! you just have served Him faithfully all of your lives. and when we DO this, HIS WORD PROMISES... that "all these things WILL be added unto US"  It doesn't say WHAT ALL THESE THINGS are... but in my limited theology (humor me, Daddy) I have recently taken that to be b/c our needs will NOT always be the same and God is bigger than ANY need that we face!  and so with that being said, I'm hangin my hat on that promise for you all and have reminded the Lord since your praying through that God wanted you to "retire" several months back that He not forsake you and that he'll CLEARLY lead you... and when your hearts walk in His paths and continually SEEK after Him... YOU CAN'T MISS HIS WILL... HE just won't let that happen!  Do you find it funny that your kid is "preachin to you"....? I guess I would just say it's "reapin once again, what you have sown!"  Like you said, "Ya'll taught us how to pray so long ago... so now it's time to enjoy a tad of the harvest!"  I love you both so much!!! and am typing with tears blinding my eyes...."

Today the girls and I are singing a song that I'm claiming for you, Moma and Daddy...
"His Strength is Perfect... when our strength is Gone"  and adding just the chorus of the song, "If He carried the weight of the world on His shoulders... I know my brother/sister that He will carry you"
~Much Love from This Haus!~

Monday, June 17, 2013

School Days ~ Catch up Photo album!

"Go to school with Dad day" at WSU!

Our kids from this School Haus!

Dinner with Daryl's WSU students!


And more games! =)

Group photo shot w/o a much needed wide angle lens!=)

Game night with a few of Natasha's college (GBS) Friends!

Blurry... cause everyone was running to find a seat!

Natasha caught having to share an embarrassing story!  We loved it!

Ms Jess was SO much fun.... we'll have to invite her when we do this again!

Natasha and Kimberly



All the men talkin about our mission field days and artifacts etc.

Two of the cutest helpers anyone could ask for!!!
My brother Lincoln, came for a visit!  Wouldn't have made it with out Heather and CO's help with this fun-friends party!  Thanks much, Sis! (my nephew Keith also came along with Lincoln, but I didn't get a good shot of him!)
Babysitting Friends!


Perfect Day for a park and this one seemed to be MADE for Twins! =)

I think I got a few more grey hairs before we left there!!!  Yikes, they ain't scared of nothin!!!

Yea, we did some of this too.... but hey since I'm just "auntie" it's all good! =)

Definitely needed this... and then had a good long nap!!!
I'll end with this Fruit Pizza! officially welcoming Summer!=)