Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer's Past.... Our School Haus at last!

Our Students!
 This was the 1st day of our school year at this School Haus!  Not one of us was really "ready"... well, maybe there were 2 of us excited about it all.  But you'll have to guess who! =) Natasha's a 2nd semester freshman in college, Brittany is a junior in High School and taking dual credits as well as high school choir and her home schooling subjects as well.  Darla is in 6th Grade this year and Bryan, our baby is a 3rd grader.  What really makes one loose their breath is this fact.  Natasha and Brittany were the same younger grades as Darla and Bryan our 1st year in Russia as missionaries!  Where has time gone?! Our end of summer was a whirlwind this year, but we are grateful for some times off as well as our Family Camp meeting.  Nothing like starting our school year off right with camp meeting!  How we thank God for the desire that all of our children have to be HIS children.  Oh may it ALWAYS BE SO!!!!

Teacher and Principal!!!

Daryl also started the fall semester at WSU today... so everyone's in school getting smarter 'cept this Momma! =)  Well, maybe if you counted the "school of hard knocks", maybe I'd qualify, IF I can past the tests! Smile!  I'm grateful for the privilege of Home Schooling and though I feel VERY inadequate and weary at times, I'm ever so grateful for Our Heavenly Father that promises to give us all the wisdom we need when we ask Him!  So we off and running.... and yep we are already tryin to catch our breath... but it's exhilarating! =) ~Teacher, Laura~

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Camping in Kentucky!

We enjoyed a long, relaxing weekend at Koomer Ridge Campground!
 It took us FOREVER to get the tent up and put together. Because "somebody" didn't want to read the directions until we had been working on it for 7 hours! lol!

And then when we finally made progress on the tent, everybody tried to take credit by saying that that's where they thought those pieces went! Yea right?!
 Thanks, Grammy for letting us borrow your tent. It was a real blessing!
 The main reason we went camping was cause Daddy needed to get away for a while and relax. He's so awesome, and we love him tons! :)
 We were soooooo glad that we got to take Diesel along! He was so content, and probably thought that he had died and gone to puppy dog heaven! He made us laugh A LOT!!!!!
 We thought that this was so pretty, almost looks like a flower. I've never seen anything so gorgeous.  I thought some girl had dropped her hair clip and bent over to pick it up and it was attached to the ground!  What an Amazing Creator we have!
 Bryan took along his trucks for he was sure he'd find some 'roads' at the campsite. At first he was disappointed that there wasn't sand to make roads in, but he soon found other roads for his semis! ;)
 We all LOVE to hike! There were so many beautiful trails to hike in the Daniel Boone National Park. We would have loved to hike more of them! Plus it was such a pain joy to feel all those calories burning off!lol!

 There were so many gorgeous rock formations!
 These guys are outa control! Love 'em so much!
 Of course you couldn't just stay on the "marked" trails! So much more fun to do your own trail blazin'!
 I think she's gonna need reinforcements soon, what do you think?
 S'mores, anyone?
On top of the world!

 This part of the trail was a rock 'ridge' that had no railing on the sides! It was awesome!
 The trail then wound down to where we were under the 'bridge' in the before pic.
 I think Daddy and Diesel are the only sane ones in this family! haha! But much to Daddy's chagrin, we all agree that CRAZY pictures are way cooler! ;)

 Here you can see the rock formation that acted as the bridge.

 Whenever we would stop to take more pics, Diesel would plop down for some much need rest! :) I think he really enjoyed the hikes though cause he was usually the one leading us down the path!

Tuckered out!

 I don't know about you, but when WE go camping, we don't skimp on the food!
 Ya know how everything tastes better when it's been cooked over a fire?
 Every Saturday night, the campground has special music come in that focuses on mountain music. Here we were learnin' the dulcimer. I would have loved to take one home with me and play around with it. Since the strings were so close to violin strings, it was very easy to pick up.
 This California dude beside me cracked us up!lol
 Bryan was thrilled to pieces with his torch!
 Sunday dinner was Grilled Chicken, Baked Potatoes with topping, Romanian Sweet Peppers, rolls, and Sweet Tea!

The Chimney Tops.

 One of the places, Daddy and Bryan decided to run off on a different trail and see if we met up somewhere... I think they made it back by breakfast the next morning. JK! They actually beat us to the end of the trail! It's no fair how some people were blessed with a built-in GPS system, when other people like me seem to be lacking in that area! haha!
Whistling Arch! Bryan and Darla had so much fun listening to their echoes!

Diesel cracked us up on the way back home when he jumped up on the backseat. Evidently he liked that better cause he could see the scenery! I told Daddy that I really needed a frappacino on our way back. To which he reluctantly happily agreed! I told you he was awesome! Come go camping with us next time!