Monday, January 21, 2013

Burlap, Tulle and Wedding "Bales"!

 In December after arranging to take finals early, we were privileged to make a mad-dash trip to FL to be part in our dear friend's wedding.  Years ago we became fast friends when I "babysat" them, while their mother taught a couple classes each afternoon at the local Christian Day school there in Hobe Sound.  They were home schoolers and we quickly found we had so much in common.  They have become our life-long friends.  One's who stick with you through thick and thin.  Dearer Friends one would have a hard time finding!!

 Back to the wedding... Tiffany called to ask if we would help them decorate... telling me that she was sticking with the theme of her cowboy husband-to-be! Smile! Complete with hay bales, burlap and tulle, and her color scheme!   Fun how it all turned out and thanks for all the willing helpers who showed up to make it all happen!

 The antique oval table in the center had also been used in her parents wedding over 25 years ago!  I LOVED that idea!
 Tiffany asked if our girls would be willing to play their violins as part of the music for their wedding. They felt very honored to get to be a part! Practice Practice, Practice!!!!  (I love the bare-feet sticking out there! =)

 Shirl and Tiffany decided to open close family and friends gifts at the rehearsal dinner.  LOVED THAT IDEA!!! When I heard of her theme, I quickly asked Brittany if I could "steal" her idea and make them a set of stockings for their wedding present from us.  Too fun! (See earlier post for Brittany's creations, where I got my idea... she helped me work out some of the kinks in these too!=)

 While we were decorating and practicing... These next few pics show you what Daryl and Bryan got to do! I wasn't really jealous.... ( Stretchin the truth there?...maybe just a tad! =)

  Isn't the water gorgeous here!  Such a beautiful day!

My Sweetheart  for over 22 years!!!

 Back to Day of Wedding.  Jesus helped all decorating to go smoothly and we praise Him for His amazing help!  Fun times with close friends all working together and catching up on our visiting while we worked!

Mr and Mrs Shirl Rosengreen and the Budensiek Family!

Congratulations, Shirl and Tiffany!
                                                              (sorry this is so dark)

 This was the coolest thing at the reception.  Shirl and Tiffany were involved in the bus ministry, and these were "their" kids who came to sing to them as their gift at the reception.  Talk about rewarding!!! so precious!
 Such sweet holiness young ladies. Oh, may they always remain untainted by this ole world and all of it's flaws and continue to shine as examples~ Daughters of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!~ His Princesses!

This was the girl's 1st time to get to wear a corsage!  So pretty!

 Thanks, Shirl and Tiffany for asking us to be a part of your special day!  I loved your ideas... so easy to follow, yet beautiful too! Just seems like yesterday ya'll were playing wedding together... I had to keep pinching myself to see that this was REALLY the REAL THING!=)  Our prayers go with you as you begin your new home together!  May you always depend on the Lord Jesus! There's no battle that He can't help you to overcome!  Our Congratulations to you too, Paul and Marilyn our dear friends, on another SON!! We love you all! ~ The Hausman's 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas~ The Joy of Giving!

 One of the privileges of going to CNC is to get to be a part of the Homeschool Group.  And one of my Favorite Field trips is going Caroling to a nursing home in our area.  (We meet in Nov for our annual Thanksgiving dinner and each child makes a gift(or two) to pass out at our Dec mtg.) We go caroling to the Home there and the children play Christmas recital pieces, recite poems or readings and sing group songs, then we carol through the halls singing to those guests that aren't able to get out.  Each year is very special for one reason or another.  This year as we were singing, a Gentleman came out in the hall, found out we were a home school group and invited us into his room for a REAL,LIVE, History class. 
He and his wife lived in a room together and had it fixed up so sweet and homey. The story he shared with us was...  he was on a ship in the war... and the details are foggy, but I was so interested to hear him telling the kids his story.  He'd written his own book about it.  His sweet wife just sat there on their Loveseat and listened with a look of honor and respect for her husband of many years.  It was special!

 Above picture shows a piece of wreckage from the ship he was on... it was shot at while he was on the ship by a plane... a buddy of his drew what the plane looked like etc... later crumpled it up and threw it in the trash. This gentleman happened to find it while emtyping the trash and kept it.  He picked up a piece of the wreckage that was flying everywhere as the plane was shot and crashe right in front of their eyes, but their ship was spared. He retrieved the drawing  and some years later someone had it framed for him with an actual piece of the plane from the Kimikaze attack.
The Drawing

 Here is Bryan with this gentleman.  It was so enlightening for the kids and I was SOOOOO happy for that man to get to share with a group of eager-to-learn-children!
A Ship like he would have been on, though not his exact ship.
 One of my favorite things to do at Christmas Time is CAROL.  As a child, Daddy would take us caroling every year as our Wed pm prayer mtg close to Christmas.  We would walk through our little town, all bundled up, knocking on doors and caroling, then we'd come home for Hot Cocoa and Cookies.Thanks, Daddy for making that so much a REAL part of GIVING for Christmas! I want to make that happen for our family... and this is one tiny way to do it.  Thanks, Aunt Nesi for all your labors of organizing to make this happen.  It's my FAVE field trip every year!!!

Another part of GIVING this Christmas was the girls being in the GBS Christmas Program.  Natasha's 1st year as a part of the Orchestra and Brittany's 1st year as a part of the choir.  We are so thankful they are using their talents for the Lord!  Thank you Gram and Gramp for the mad dash, out of your way and so tired... to come by and hear the girls... I mean listen to the program! Smile! Your sacrifice was touching and meant LOTS to all of us! I LOVE how you both! You always look so festive! Makes me SMILE!

 We always choose to go on Sunday night, for the cast seems most relaxed in their parts and can really enjoy themselves. (in our humble, unbiased opinion, of course!=)  We also enjoy getting to have a few guests over for fun after the night performances.

Daddy and His Girls... all grown up!
 More to come... ~Laura

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Fun with Burlap and Linen

 My sewing project for Christmas 2012!

When I saw this idea on Pinterest last year, I ate my heart out! They were just so adorable, and I knew they would 'fit' our house! So beginning to end it took me about 12 hours. I am sure it would take others much less than that, but I learn by trial and error it seems!:) I did not have a pattern when I started, so that took a while just to figure out what to sew to what and how to attach the linen correctly etc. :)

Darla's, Mommy's,
 I told Mommy that she had it pretty good, as I was sewing. She could just keep on working around the house, and she was getting adorable stockings at the same time! Don't you wish I lived in YOUR HOUSE!:)
Daddy's, Mine,

 The quilting on it took a little while, just trying to make the seems straight in all, but I was so happy how it turned out!

                                I couldn't resist putting a little lacy flower at the toe of my stocking!

Bryan's, Natasha's.
  This was my first attempt as can be seen by the pointed toe! lol I still thought it was cute though, so kept it for fun, and added the red stripes with a sharpie. I know, I know, I'm a professional! Not!

                             My favorites are Daddy's and Mommy's. Which is your favorite?