Friday, November 27, 2009

We gave our children an early Christmas present! God providentially worked it out for us to get this 2 year old Bullmastiff. Our 2 youngest didn't know that we were getting him and you can still see the delight on their faces. Ever since we had a Rottweiler in Romania, we've missed having a DAWG, not a little wimpy dog, but something worthy of the name DOG. We looked for quite some time, trying to find a Rott. but it just wasn't God's will. So we were very delighted to see how God worked things out. We've had many prayers of thanksgiving for Diesel.

Nothing pertaining to our life in this world is unimportant in the sight of God. He is interested in everything that concerns us in life. T.M. Anderson

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I was recently reminded of this powerful quote:

"Holy shoddy is still shoddy." - S.D. Herron

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"It is done! Over....for now anyways!"

For those of you who know what I've been doing the last 11 weeks, you know what that refers to.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy Birthday, Brittany!

We love you! You have always been our little bundle of "joy"! Keep Jesus 1st in every endeavor of your life and you will have TRUE Joy!

Steak N' Shake!

A family gave us some cash and told us to do something special with our family! We were able to celebrate Brittany's birthday here, thanks to coupons and kids eat free night! We don't go out much, so it's a REAL treat for all of us, not just the birthday girl!

Every Cake has it's story!

We made Brittany an ice-cream cake! Since I was given some dipping chocolate, I decided to "dip" her cake in that for the icing. I had just enough left-over white icing to come up with this concoction! Again, I'm glad for very forgiving kids when its comes to their 'original' birthday cakes! :)