Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Taste of Home! The best cook in all of the world has struck again! It’s strawberry season here and we are able to get strawberries real cheap right now. I bought 3 Kilos of strawberries (approximately 6.6 lbs for you Americans) and Laura made some jam, froze some, and made me a delicious strawberry pie. Sorry you missed it! It was delicious and I enjoyed every piece I ate.

Laura is such a wonderful cook and does a great job of improvising in a foreign country. I know I’m prejudice but she’s the best cook in the world & I just wish everyone was as blessed as me!!!!!

The crew installed all but a few of the windows. The Lord willing they will come back later this week to finish the windows and the exterior doors.

The soffet (sp) & fascia should be completed tomorrow!

You might say, wow, it’s almost done! Well, not quite. Things go a little different here and although the exterior of the building itself is almost completed, the interior is far from being completed. There’s plenty to do, so just come and help us! The interior concrete floor has to be completed, heating system, interior walls, insulation, sheetrock, floor tile, carpet, painting, plumbing, the septic system, plus a host of other things. Then we still need to build a security wall/fence as well as a shed to hold the wood & supplies and do some landscaping. So as you see, it’s still a long way away, but God continues to help. Continue to pray that God will to meet the needs.

We still need a few people who could hang & finish sheetrock! If you could help for a week this summer, please contact me at

Windows & doors have arrived! Thank the Lord the windows arrived Tuesday about mid morning.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Natasha at the Eagles Nest! The Eagles Nest was where Hitlers Vacation home was. (the home is obviously not in this photo)

Laura recently said to me that I don’t show enough family pics on the blog. I apologize for I have been so focused on the building project and it’s such a hassle to be able to upload pics due to server problems that I just don’t get it done. Well, in Laura’s most recent “howdies” that she just sent out, she told of our most recent trip. I’ll condense some of what she said but give you the gist, as well as a few pics.

Living on the mission field at times can make you remember all you are missing out on. We in NO WAY want anyone feeling sorry for us, but at the same time feel that UNDER GOD it is our responsibility to help our children make up for some of these “losses” when we are able. Believe me there are MANY more benefits than losses to living on the mission field, I’m only speaking of the times when we see that our children’s hearts are sad b/c of not having the “normal” life rewards for their achievements. One of those opportunities afforded itself while Daryl’s parents were here. Our daughter Natasha finishes the 8th grade this spring and in Christian day schools across America that is a special time of celebration and graduation looking forward to the High School years. Natasha had so looked forward to “marching” with her class for years, but that was no longer possible. After much prayer, we decided that she needed a class trip, beyond description, and what better place to do this, than Europe?!

Natasha’s favorite subject is history not to mention she’s really good at Geography as well. (She must have gotten that trait passed down from her Papa or her Gramp, for it skipped her Mommy, totally! J) With all of that said, we left here to take a fast trip around this part of Europe. Her Daddy, who is a former history teacher, did an excellent job of planning her trip.

Thanks Mom and Dad for all of your help in making this happen.

Congratulations Natasha! We are so proud of you!

"God never asks us to give something up without filling that void with something much better!"

My dad at the entrance gate to Dachau Concentration Camp! The signs on the gate says "Work makes you free". While visiting there and being reminded of all of the sadness and horror that happened, my heart leapt for joy. Why? Because all of the gates, barbed wire, and evil can’t keep us in prison. Praise the Lord! We can be free in Christ and nothing can chain us down. There’s Victory in Jesus! All we must do is confess and repent of our sins and have faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour.

Natasha and Brittany are standing in front of the infamous Crematorium ovens. It’s very interesting to note that one of the things that Hitler did was to bring gun control laws into affect. What do you think the people were told for the reason for gun control. “You don’t need a semi-automatic for hunting”, or maybe something along the line of to lessen crime or accidents by children. Hmmm, does that sound familiar!

The whole reason that our wise forefathers put that in our constitution was so that the people could defend themselves against the government.

In Salzburg, Austria at Mozart's Home! Who was he? He did a pretty good job of composing music!

Neunschanstein Castle! Yes we actually hiked to it although it wasn't quite as tough as it looks.
I couldn’t help but be reminded by all of these beautiful buildings, castles and palaces that someday they all will be destroyed. If our lives are not build upon Jesus Christ, the only real solid rock that exists, then we too will be destroyed! May God help us to build our lives on Him!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Youth Center Update! Another week has passed and lots of work is being accomplished. The exterior insulation as well as the first layer of exterior stucco has been applied. The interior stucco for the first floor is also progressing well. The soffit and facia (sp) is approximately 1/2 done.

The Lord willing the interior stucco, exterior stucco, soffit & facia, should be close to being finished this coming week. Soon to come will be the doors & windows, finish coat of exterior paint, then the concrete for the first floor as well.

God is helping and continue to pray that God will work it all out for His glory. Thank you so much for your prayers and sacrificial giving. God continues to meet the financial needs and we give Him all of the praise.

God's beautiful creation! Thanks to some rich retired folks, my parents, we were able to take a few days break and enjoy God's beautiful creation as well as see some neat historical sights. We saw some absolutely gorgeous scenery and God directed every step of the way!
Oh what an awesome God we serve!

3 Generations of Hausmans! This was a highlight for me and my dad as we were able to visit 2 towns where my dad's dad fought during WW II. This one is located in Austria! The nice thing about being in Western Romania is that within one days drive we can be in probably close to 10 different countries.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wow! Miracles do happen! :) I was able to upload pictures to the blog! Here's the men putting the stucco on the inside of the walls and ceilings, for the first floor. The Lord willing they should be finishing this part by the end of next week!

The stucco on this side was finished yesterday.

Here's a picture of the one side of the building that has the exterior stucco finished.
Thank the Lord for the progress! The exterior insulation has been completed. The first layer of stucco is almost completed and the Lord willing it should be finished today. On top of this layer there will be a finish coat with the final color already mixed in which means we will not need to paint the exterior. We are trusting that that will be finished in the next couple of weeks. Lord willing the exterior doors and windows will be installed next week. There is also a crew working on the interior stucco for the first floor.

We thank God for all of the progress and thank you for your prayers and sacrificial giving! God continues to meet the financial needs of the Christian Center. We still could use some drywall hangers and finishers. We anticipate being ready for this in July.

Please pardon the lack of a picture. I'll do it as soon as the server allows me to.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Youth Center Update! Since I have lots of trouble uploading pictures many times, I thought I'd at least let you know what's going on even if I can't get any pictures on the sight.

The insulation on the side of the building that you see below has been completed and the back of the building has been completed, as far as the insulation goes. The side below has also received it's first coat of stucco as well. There will be a finish coat that also has the "paint" mixed in as well, but that will come later.

The stucco work on the inside of the building has also been started as well. Most of the first floor will have stucco on the inside with a smooth finish coat. Most of the initial electrical work has been completed as well.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

My parents have been visiting for a while and it's been good to have them here. This is the one side of the building that has been finished with the insulation.

Insulation being put on the exterior of the building. As of the end of the day Saturday, almost 1/2 of the insulation has been put on. There will also be a mesh put on top of this and then a layer of stucco on top of that.

The Lord willing, Monday, the men will start on the interior stucco work.

Monday, May 07, 2007

I hope this doesn't break your computer screen! Most of the time, I'm taking the pictures and so it's kind of hard to get me in the picture. However, since my parents came to visit us, we actually have someone who can take a family picture for us.
I am truly blessed to have a wonderful wife and 4 children. Many times as I ask for prayer requests, during family time, Bryan doesn't even wait and he just goes right ahead and starts praying, then each one follows without me having to ask. I've sat there many times to think how blessed I am to not have to beg my kids to pray during prayer time. However, we still have lots of work to do for there are 4 precious souls that Laura and I are trying to raise for the glory and honor of God. We covet your prayers that our enemy will not gain any strongholds in their lives. Our desire is that each one will live a holy life and use their talents for the glory and honor of God.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Why do those horses have those things on their eyes? That was the question that my son asked me as we were walking back from the well. Our water is not good enough to drink and so each week we go to a local well and fill our pitchers with water, bring them back, Laura boils the water, filters it, and then it’s suitable to drink. On one recent trip back from the well,Bryan asked me that question. He was referring to the blinders on the horse, but thought they were sunglasses. Horse and wagons are another common occurrence around here. So this was just a normal everyday thing. I looked at the horse to make sure I knew what he was referring to and then told him why they are important. “Bryan, those are so that the horse doesn’t get distracted by the cars and other things around him. They are to make sure that the horse keeps it’s eyes on where he's supposed to go.” His reply was, “Oh!” But I wasn’t done! Why miss an opportunity to share a principle with him. “Bryan, it’s kind of like what Jesus wants us to do. He wants us to keep our eyes on Him and not get distracted by what is around us in the world.” He doesn’t put blinders on us but the same principle is true. May we keep our focus on Jesus!

A loving squeeze! Here's a good shot of what happens when your teeth hit something hard, like the floor. Well, the first one was gone but the second one was barely loose until she fell and hit the floor with her face. However, Pooh didn't mind one bit and loved all the "lovin" he could get.