Friday, December 28, 2012

Thanksgiving, Finally!

The Feast is On!

gourds and mini pumpkins, gifts from friends in IN, made decorating so much fun!

International Thanksgiving, our favorite!

Visiting outside while we ladies put the finishing touches on Dinner

PIT.  Need I say anymore?! =)

                                                   (Anyone ever notice how loud that game is besides ME?!)

                                    Shoots and Ladder's didn't require much English, so was a hit!!=)

Again... NUMBERS they could do WELL, even beat us!

Daryl with his Students and our children!

Weeds! never looked so fine! (And you sure can't beat the price!=)

This is my Daily Prayer... that all of us will make Heaven, at any cost!

Bittersweet, with a tad of hot glue to hold it in place! My Fav!

I'm so thankful for our family... This year my plate was so full when November hit, I wasn't sure how to get it all done.  Jesus had our little Bryan start me out, by offering to carry up all the decorations and he so enjoyed adding touches here and there, & I was so thankful, I was close to tears.  With his burst of energy, I found mine! Brittany and Darla added their touches to what Bryan and I had done. Natasha was swamped with classes and homework, but took a break that day and begged to decorate and set the table and did a fine job.  I'm grateful for everyone's help. God is so good to us and we do what we do because of what HE did for us.  We are what we are because of His Grace.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gift of Meat, in the raw - Venison!

Butcher and a crazy assistant!
Venison Burger... best ever. NO FAT to drain and rinse off! and meat w/o added junk too!  P T Lord for His wonderful care over us!

Everything got moved aside to make room for this "guy" to be butchered... looks like the fall flowers got forgotten though! =)
"Learnin the Trade."  No. Better. Home. Schooling. than. this!

Sorry to be so long in bloggin.  Couldn't figure out a new glitch.  More to come, I promise!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Many Russian Christians gave their lives because they were Christians. Some were born and died never knowing anything about religious or political freedom. The same could be said about a host of Chinese Christians, as well as other countries that do not tolerate Christianity. Thousands and millions know nothing of religious and/or political freedom…yet they still carry the torch of Christ forward. I contend that the advancement of God’s kingdom has nothing to do with the political situation being positive; it has everything to do with our own spiritual situation. Maybe our focus has been wrong. Maybe we have focused more on the political and less on the spiritual. Could it possibly be that our concept of Christianity and politics is convoluted? My Russian and Chinese brothers and sisters have been a wonderful blessing and encouragement to me. During times of trouble, I am encouraged by these words, “If my brothers in Russia can make it, so can I.” God help me!  ~DH~

Thursday, November 01, 2012

They are One! Keith and Natalie Bryan Oct 27, 2012

                    My Favorite pose of the whole day... out of Order maybe but I just loved this one! =)

 Gram and Gramp signing the Guest Book.  Keith is the 1st Grandchild for them. None of us can believe how fast time has flown.  Seems just yesterday U. Daryl and I were at the hospital with Lincoln and Lyn for Keith to be born!

 Just LOVE how relaxed Lincoln is here. Father of Keith as well as Best Man... And yes I cried!  So happy for them!
 You've heard of a "happy bride"  Well, I don't recall ever seeing a happier Groom than Keith was.  He smiled the.entire.time from 1st glimpse the WHOLE WAY DOWN THE ISLE!  SO sweet!
 Natalie was truly a RADIANT Bride.  You could just see the love for Keith, how happy she was, even though she cried nearly the entire ceremony! Just so, so sweet! 
         Here, Lincoln said they were BOTH crying and he had to look away to keep from crying himself!

      This little dude did a GREAT job!  I just loved how relaxed he was... just made himself at home!
The Kiss!

 So sweet that Grandmother Scarbrough, whom Keith calls G.G. (Great Grandmother) was able to make it.  So loved getting to see her there.
 Bryan Grandparents.
                               The Lincoln Bryan Family complete with another daughter now! =)
 Some pics of the decor for Heather... these hay bales were set up with peanuts in the shell and all kinds of popcorn.  Just soooo relaxed and Darling!
                                                                   Bicycle Built for Two!

 Reception had painted pumpkins everywhere and all sizes.  So cute as well as so in tune with October! So Fun!

Pardon the painful expression on Bryan's face.  =)

Mr and Mrs Keith Roger Bryan!  
                               Notice the Chargers, Heather, with Mr and Mrs painted on them! I LOVE IT!

 Lincoln and Lyn so relaxed and still so in Love too!  Lyn looked as pretty as the bride I told her! And I meant it!

 This was SOOOOO neat of Jesus to add to their wedding.  In case you can't see it's a Rainbow in the clouds... but it's a perfect S.M.I.L.E.!  I've Never seen anything like it!

Groom side of their car!

Bride Side of their Car!

Just so sweet, she looked like a perfect Cinderella!

The Mother's... though not a great shot on my part, Sorry!

Keith receiving instructions! =)

Darla WAS DELIGHTED when Natalie asked HER to hold her bouquet!!!!

And my Favorite!  I already told you!

Mr and Mrs Keith Bryan, the happy couple!

And Their Off on their 1st day of "FOREVER TOGETHER"!!!!
 The rest of these are Family shots of this one, that one and the other one for Heather's sake, since they couldn't be there.  Dear Sweet lil Shiloh STEALIN all of our hearts as well as the show at times!
 Grandparents were given the opportunity to share funny stories or memories at the reception.
Some of the Bryan Girl Cousins! (Too much light, sorry)

Waiting for the wedding to begin, Cheryl and Martha and their girls

Larry and his lil Princess Emma!

Natasha Tryin her BEST to get on Shiloh's good side...

This was as CLOSE as she got!

Daryl's turn....

And HE wins the prize!  Just look at that smile!
So all of these pics wouldn't make Keith and Natalie "proud", and I GOT LIKE NO PICS of the Bridal party for we were at the wrong angle. Sorry, I'm NO photographer... but this was what I was able to catch of their special day for Heather and Phillip Dickinson and family.  Much love to ya'll from me! ~Laura