Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

Miracle of Metal!

Today was the big day for our Darla!  She has been praying for over 2 yrs now that Jesus would make a way for her to get braces!  He answered that prayer for her in His time!  Ever wonder why when we pray we hear very little... enough sometimes to let us know He's there... but not tons, or how and when we expect it to happen? Ok, then I just admitted to you my weakness, but I have wondered at times.  Our family had gone through a pretty tough time where she, as a child learning Who God Is, was questioning what God was doing and where He was in her life!  It was JUST at that time that the Lord chose to answer her prayer, to prove to her that HE WAS INDEED REAL and did care about her smile, inside and out!  What a GREAT BIG WONDERFUL GOD WE SERVE!

Metal Miracle!

Now along with braces comes mashed potatoes and applesauce, mac and cheese etc!  Cause it hurts TOO badly to eat tough stuff! She is my meat lover and so the following day she came to me saying she was "starving and wanted some venison!! =) Of course she couldn't eat that yet... tried a lil soft chicken on Sunday, but said, "Uh, I pretty much had to gum that bite..."  Made me smile!  She's a real trooper, but will probably loose a pound or two for it takes her F.O.R.E.V.E.R. to floss and brush her teeth, When she thinks about eating she usually asks herself, "How long will it take me to clean up my teeth?!"  =)

Cute lil' gift that her Dr gave her that 1st night for supper!
Sorry my blogger won't let me upload the close-up pic to see her smile better. (That I took mainly for our Family that's far away!)  So before I loose all my efforts I'll just post this much!  It is so wonderful when God shows up and proves Himself REAL to your kids!  How we praise Him!!! God is still in the business of hearing and answering our prayers!  Let's keep on believing Him for bigger and better things! Yes, this was an earthly thing that God did for our Darla, but it has challenged me to think about what Jesus said to his disciples, (Paraphrasing here) "Even greater things will you do b/c I go to my Father!" Eternity will be worth every "investment"! O God increase MY faith!