Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Birthday Girl!

Balloons tied to long straws! Saving our $!=)

Fun and CHEAP napkin holder idea that Brittany found.... on Yep, Pinterest!  Gotta love it!

Party Favors tied with long balloons! Turned out so Fun!

 Jesus totally healed the day for us. THANK YOU, JESUS!  We'd planned to be OUTSIDE to save our Haus since we were getting out-of-town company within an hour after the party.... but the forecast was calling for S.T.O.R.M.S. And those don't match with kids and parties.  I prayed hard and asked some others to help me pray too and re-thought the party order.... and as you can see Jesus came through for us.  We played 1st and boy was it EVER HOT!!!! Volleyball sand pit area in the shade was a favorite for many
                          So was the water cooler that I'd brought along with about 5 gal of cool ICE water!!!
                                                                    Fun building a Volcano!

Twins... so much fun!

The Girls!


The Boys!(who were included for Bryan's sanity!)

Fun Sunny walk to the....


 The park had put in all sizes and heights of sprinklers and boy was that ever a welcomed retreat after that HOT SUNNY DAY!!!!
 Walking home all cooled off and soaking wet!  But there wasn't any complainin about the heat now!=)
Looking Back I wonder if Jesus didn't give me the scare of the storm and rain so I would do the party food part at home and save us HOURS of work!  Lol! "Walking Taco's anyone?"
 Torture... since I didn't know they aren't allowed to "reach" for it... I wondered why they didn't just grab that chip and run.... now these pics are Happy-sad rather than just funny! ... but we were howling laughing cause no matter how high you'd pull up the chip they'd just tipsy-toe all the more.  TOO CUTE... and great obedient boys! Way to go Dee!

THE FOOD PART of the party underway!

Cheers with Darla! RED Fruit punch!

Three Stooges!

This was Natasha's job the whole afternoon... Man can they eat! =)

                                                   Ice Cream anyone and Mocha cupcakes!

 So Jesus healed the day for we all got home changed into dry clothes and at the table when the clouds let loose and it RAINED. HAILED and STORMED BIG TIME!!!! God is so good, for I didn't have another day that I could plan a rain date.  Daryl made this decoration below with his students during a cultural hour that one of the other teachers had prepared...  and so we saved it thinking it was...

 This sign below says it all and how we thank Jesus for the day he gave you to us, Darla.  We loved your sweet bubbly self from Day 1!  Never a dry moment when you're around! Usually a giggle close by too! Our prayer is that you will ALWAYS serve Jesus and give of your Best to Him, Your Master.  You'll never be sorry! In fact you'll look back over your life someday and the places He's taken you and the People you've met will amaze you!  Keep IN touch With Jesus EVERYDAY in EVERY WAY and your life will be lived to the fullest! Thanks so much ladies for sticking around and helping me make sense out of the party and get all "signs" (those not to great signs like dirty floors and trash etc) of it put away before our special guest arrived!!!
 Our Fun Day with Sally!!!!

Sally Sebo and our Four at the Creation Museum!

So a funny story on us.  (Make that ME)  After Sally arrived we were talking about what hour we'd need to leave for the museum the next a.m. and due to the storms our computer was still unplugged so no one checked the time it opened.  Daryl thought 10 and I thought 9!!!!  Guess who was right??!!!  Since WHEN have the Hausman's been 1 HOUR early for ANYTHING!!!! =) Yep... you guessed right. We got there and the workers weren't even there yet!  Thankfully they gave us clearance to go to the Garden of Eden and boy was it ever beautiful and COOL and other wise we wouldn't have had time to see it.  So all things work together for GOOD!!!!

 Waiting for the speaking session to begin!
 Fun addition Jesus gave us... was to get to meet the founder Ken Ham in person! We've been to this museum several times but this was the 1st time ever when he was actually there speaking! 
Sally treated us to some D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. PIZZA... it may have been a LOT  tad pricey but if you go you have to try out Palm Pizzas!  The crust (my favorite part by far) was AMAZING!!!!

Very Full and exciting weekend.  Thanks Sally for everything! It is always so wonderful to catch up with everyone and everything from there in Romania!  Hello to all of our friends over there!  You are in our prayers often! we can't believe how much you all have grown!  Keep serving Jesus is our prayer for you all too!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Sun ~ Family Fun

Ponchatoula Strawberries!
This hand painted pic was a gift to us from our Dear Friend in LA, Bro Willard Bardwell.  He gave this to us years ago while we were on deputation and it's just now "found" a frame and a sweet corner in our Haus! Thanks dear friend, for a piece that we will always treasure!
Old Chair, a gift,  Old dishpan, yard-sale deal and a cheap $1 Ivy on clearance... add the strawberry pic above... & it made this ole' corner pop!  It always makes me smile when I pass this corner!
                                                         Red, White, Blue, and Delicious!
                                        Pop-Pop doing what he does best.... acting up!
Pepsi coasters and reusable stars for name tags!

We were privileged to get to have family over while Dad and Mom were here.  Dad's brother and family only lives about 1 hr away, so they came over so Rod and I could celebrate our Birthday's... we share a birthday.  Who cares if it was late... "better late than never" they say! =)
                              Breydon and Bryan... fast friends, best buddies and cousins too!!!
Darla and little Lizzie!  She was delighted to find the doll house... if it hadn't been 105o that day they could have really enjoyed playing.  They'll just have to come back in the fall so they can really play.
Dad, Mom and 3 of our kids on the Lord's Day.  Natasha was away at a camp-meeting babysitting.  We missed her much, but she had a wonderful time.
Two very dear people to our hearts!
Monday, Daryl took some time off and took the 3 kids and his parents to the Cincinnati Museum Center.  This is the old train depot here in Cinci... the very place where 50 years ago, my Moma came in on a train in order to attend GBS!
Beautiful Fountain outdoors!

Don't know Who's craziest!!!

The main floor of the old train depot.

The main reason I didn't go along was we'd gotten a phone call that my parents were going to get to come over for a visit. They had to be over our way due to a funeral of a family friend.  We were saddened for the reason, but DELIGHTED that we got to spend a few hours with them. And So I went to work in the kitchen preparing a meal... an early Birthday meal... for my Moma had her 70th B-day the next day! 

           Moma, so glad you got to be with us, even if it was only for a few hours!  I love you MUCH!
Strawberry Shortcake with a touch of Blue!

Fun at the park that evening.  It was sooooo nice to have ya'll with us Dad and Mom.  Thanks for coming!

Sane... looks can be deceiving though!!!

3 very special people in my life!

Truck Troubles!

Changing a tire!

Driver's Ed??

Look who popped up in the Fields!

                        Jail? Must be for being sooooo "happy" to have Grandparents here with us!

Another Jail bird!

Grandma playing as the check-out clerk with the kids! She was checking the dates and codes,from all her years of experience while working for Kraft Foods! =)

               talk about inflation.... milk, pancake syrup, and Karo Syrup and your total is below!!!

Meerkat!  These guys were so fun to watch... they weren't sleeping like most everything else was!

     Darla and Bryan found these old burlap bags and boy did they ever GO FAST down those slides!!! 

Daryl had to teach on Tuesday, so we could be near him we decided to do Boonshoft Museum since it wasn't too far from WSU.  Daryl's Dad had been "interviewed" by his English students that a.m. so they could practice "SPEAKING" English.... Dad and Daryl left early and we came a couple hours later and picked Dad up from Wright State and went to this museum and our fav...... GOODWILL!!!  Then, Dad and Mom treated us to Golden Coral for supper!  Thanks so much!
      Wednesday found us all visiting what some folks would call our "relatives" at the zoo!!! Not US.. I'm no kin to a Monkey and the monkey's NO KIN to me.... We're created in HIS image!

Gardens are so gorgeous there.... so we took plenty of pics identifying
flowers.... dreaming of our raised gardens some year....
More dreaming....
Learning to read a map.... hope he does better than his Momma!

Yes... you guessed it... more "posy" dreams!
Not sure who works here?!

This pic didn't help clear it up any!!

                                                                   Hungry, Bryan?!

Baby Camel, had him named and everything!

                        Fun to check out our wingspan in comparison to those of our fowl friends!
Creepy Reptile House.... I chose to wait outside!

Not sure what Darla could see... but these were the only glasses she could find in her mad dash out of the house that a.m.=)

                    Out of Focus??? Nope, we "zoomed" in on these 2 wonderful people in our Haus!

            matching foot prints?!  Nope... again I'm very thankful to be made in God's image!

Thanks to Gold Zoo passes the kids got to ride on the Carousel as many times as they wanted!

look who's "DELIGHTED" to get to be riding!

This guy joined us at our snack area.. no we didn't feed him either!

Train Ride also included and for those of us with weary feet it is always a welcomed break!
Just before leaving Cincinnati, one MUST try this ice cream... it's OH SO GOOD!  Thanks Dad and Mom for the fun, fun, fun week you got to spend with us!

thanks again for all the special gifts of sweet Lebanon bologna, tasty cakes since we can't get those items here in OH... and wonderfully "delish" fruit from your farmer's market!  So much enjoyed getting to laugh together!  We love you all so much! ~Laura and Family~