Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, Brittany!

Brittany after her 1st ever concert with Cincinnati Community Orchestra! 

Happy Birthday to our Brittany Joy!  She has always lived up to that middle name and brings us all many smiles and often laughter by her quick witted humor! 
We are so thankful for the Lord's help in her concert last Sat evening.  The concert was entitled "Falling for Brahms" in which they played "Brahms Concerto for Violin and Cello and Brahms Symphony #4"  as well as "Glazunov Autumn".  It was beautiful!  You just kinda sit there as a parent remembering all the screeching practicing moments and pinch yourself that this is where it has brought her!  Sooooooo glad for your hard work and accomplishments, Brittany.  Have more pics... but they aren't uploaded yet. (Story of my life!)

This pic isn't her fave but shows her hard at work! =)

We love you dear Brittany and thank you for loving Jesus with all that there is within you.  It has been rewarding as a parent to watch you grow, to see your accomplishments.  I love the drive that you always have and your creativity is fun too.  Don't know where God wants you someday, but our prayer is that you'll be ALL you can BE for HIS GLORY and honor!  Keep your hand in His hand and you'll NEVER be disappointed!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bike Race... Where the Road Won!!!

Darla and her FAVE cousin, Sarah
This past weekend our Darla was in a bike race... where the road won!  (Sorry, can't get the pics from the ER to upload properly.  You can see a pic if you go to Daryl's FB page, however! She wrecked the bike and had to get 10 stitches in her chin.  However, as a result of how she landed she has broken her jaw bone!!

We are to see the plastic Surgeon this afternoon (Wed, Oct 16) and we would soooo appreciate your prayers as all the details are worked out about her upcoming jaw surgery!  Not a fun thought,.... but the Lord has reassured my heart of His ultimate care and that He is GOOD still!  "All things... even broken jaws and surgery" WORK together for our good..."  When we trust Him with every detail of our lives!
Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!
Updates later, Lord willing, as we have more details!

In the ER before getting help... PTL! for a natural healing w/o surgery and very little of a scare will she have too!

P.S. just home from Doc office and he says that it looks like her jaw should heal w/o surgery.  Praise the Lord!  Just keep her in your prayers that this WILL be the case and that after these 6 wks of rest and soft diet that there will be no more complications.  God is Good all the time!