Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guess What!
Just in case you can't tell from the picture...I got my Temporary License!
Daddy's stipulation for us Hausman kids is that before we get our license we have to memorize a book of the Bible. As a reward once I had memorized two chapters of James, Daddy said that I could get my permit. So here is the warning for all of you who want to get off the road. Just kidding!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Our Loss, Heaven's Gain!
This week, a dear prayer warrior, saint, and godly friend of ours, Sis. Marjorie Ferguson made Heaven this past Sunday a.m. How our hearts grieve OUR LOSS. She prayed for many missionaries EVERY DAY for years, our family included. Who will be there in fill in the gap? Will WE step up to the plate, take the challenge and remember to pray for our missionary friends and lost loved ones? Will YOU? Our prayers are with the Ferguson family as they grieve their loss. She is with Jesus!!!!! What a glorious Hope!!!!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Family! Have no idea what I'm doing and Why the underline!! Got to see my dear cousins Cheryl and David and their precious gifts from Heaven while passing through (literally) on our way home! Gotta love the boo-boo on their youngest boy's knee! Life is so full of fun for their precious family! Thanks Susan and Jeff for your "Bed and Breakfast" along our trip home! We love you guys!
Got to see Uncle Carson and Aunt Linda too... but totally forgot to take their pic! Sob! :(

Here are the "foursome" that have scrap-booked together, along with about 1,000 other things. Very talented and creative friends here... where has the time gone?!

Though this all uploaded backwards... here is the whole family.... very special friends of ours! Love love you all and thanks a million, Paul and Marilyn for EVERYTHING! So fun getting to see you for those few hours! God Bless You! The Hausmans

Surprise!? Well we tried at least! Here is our family with one of our dear home-school friends. Sometimes in life you just do things because it's the RIGHT THING TO DO... not because all of the numbers add up right etc. One of these times happened for our family over Memorial Day weekend. We made a VERY LAST minute decision to make a DASH to FL for our girls sake and their friend pictured with us here, Crystal! We love you Crystal and are SO thankful for your Christian life and godly example and most of all for your never-failing friendship to Natasha and Brittany. We were SO glad, though we didn't get to surprise you, to get to be there for your special day! God Bless You dear!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Something to think about!

If you do not believe in some 'higher being,' where do you get your morality from? Do you base it on what the majority or the government says. That is a very dangerous game to play. History has shown how that philosophy plays out in real life.

What's really wrong with lying to someone? Hey, if it makes them feel better or you need to cover your own skin, why not. Why is it wrong to plagiarize? What's the big deal about it anyway? Where do you get your basis for why it's wrong to steal someone's ideas?

As a Christian and someone who believes in God, I believe that these 'moral issues' come from God and His word. I'm far from being an intellectual, but the logic is solid.