Friday, September 23, 2011

Our "Tall" Grandma Bryan's Visit!

We were SO privileged to have my dear Grandma Bryan, age 104, come and stay with us last week!

 We SO enjoyed our "History lessons" the kids and I all sat around the table asking Grandma questions of what it was like when she was growing up!  It all started with the ICE BOX that you can see in the background.  They wanted to know if she ever had one... she answered, "NO, we couldn't afford one!"  My, how many are the blessings that we have to count today!
 Brittany is sharing a violin song with Grandma entitled "Our Eternal Home" all songs about heaven.  Oh let's ALL plan to meet there. "Will the circle be unbroken?" My daily prayer is that God will woo the straying ones and keep us all on the "Highway of Holiness!"
 It was fun having Grandma sit on our front porch and introducing her to all of our neighbors! Again, I forgot to get that picture!
 When Gram and Gramp come, they always bring treats, like this yummy cereal!!!(and Yes, our son admitted that he thought He was SPOILED!!!)
 and who says that my kids can't handle the sugar?!  I don't see any "extra" side effects, do you?
 Bryan's 1st art project (more from our School Haus to come later)... and of course he just had to share it with Grandma Bryan too!
 We love you and MISS having you with us still,  Grandma!  Thank you for your Godly example to our family, for your prayers and love gifts to missionaries for years and years!  Thank you for being brave enough to make the trip at your age.  Thank you too for braving all of our stairs, morning and night! You are so special to us and we are SO glad that Jesus kept you safe!  Thanks for obeying the "rules" too! =)  I told her that she only had ONE RULE that she HAD to obey while she was at our Haus... and that was "NO FALLING!"  Jesus helped her as we PRAYED lots and wouldn't let her hardly move, poor thing, without at least 2 of us around to "cushion" her, should she start to fall! Grandma, I hope, that if Jesus tarries and I live to be your age, that I'll be as gracious as you are! We Love you!
Thanks for stopping by our Haus!  Come again, soon!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Harvest time at our Haus!

It's that time of year!  Delicious Sweet Corn!

 Everyone has their job and that makes is lots more fun! Brittany helped me cut it off the cob.  (Yes, Natasha did help too, but I forgot to get a pic!)
 Daryl and the two "Hoodlums" helped with the shucking!
 Blanching.... And putting into freezer containers, which again I didn't get a pic of... oh well!  We sure enjoy that yummy sweet stuff come cold winter days!
My Daddy brought me some of his garden tomatoes that needed to be used up NOW!  So I got 2 pints of Tomato sauce with Green chilies to use for winter soups! Yum!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sixth Month Check-up!
I recently went for my sixth month check-up since my spinal surgery. It is hard to believe that it has already been sixth months since my surgery.
Here is a few excerpts from an email to my family following the check-up:
(Please excuse any grammar, or illogical sentences that may appear!)
Dear Family,
I thought you might like to hear how my 6 mo. check-up went with Dr. Crawford. It is hard to believe that 6 months have already passed since my spinal surgery!... Dr. Crawford came in, and said that the bone fusion looks good, and it is coming along well. It won't be totally fused for a year, but he said that it is progressing nicely! PTL! He also said that my neck looks very well, in place and normal, not jutted out like it was. So I was relieved about that too! So overall, I am allowed to do basically anything I want to do, except American football, he said. Bummer...there went my life-long dream! Other than that, I am allowed to start driving, and ice-skating, sledding (since winter is on its way) etc. there shouldn't be a problem. He said that I have the best protected back out of anybody out there! I don't have many limitations, other than the already mentioned football (or a sport where anyone would tackle me) and lifting no more than 25 lbs. So Praise the Lord for the wonderful report! It is a great load of my mind...(for I tend to worry a lot!) I go back in 6 months. after my 1 yr. anniversary!
Thank you all for your continued prayers!
Natasha H~

Monday, September 12, 2011

BAKING FUN!!!!Saturday, we had fun baking Whoopie Pies... otherwise known as Gibb's Cookies. Kate (my niece from AK) came over, and we had fun baking and hanging out!

Getting ready to bake the cookies.

Baked and Filled...and ready to eat!

And yes, we are still under please excuse the background!=)

Thanks Kate, for all the fun times! We enjoyed having you over!!!
Come again soon!!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Hitting the Mark! This is our son's dream bow that the Lord helped him save his birthday and work money to purchase! He was very diligent, turning down many treats for it would take his precious funds towards his goal. It made us very proud of him for sticking to his dream and not wasting his money either! He's dreaming of going hunting with his Uncles in AK, VA and PA some day!
His Daddy took him out to practice shooting and this was his 1st time shooting. We were very pleased with how well he was able to hit the mark. Our prayer for our family everyday is that they will NOT MISS THE MARK spiritually. So many are falling short, taking an easier route and how that grieves our hearts! I often "Wonder If He Ever Cries", for He gave His life that we might make Heaven, the way is clear in His word... all we need to do is Follow! Let's HIT THE MARK daily with our lives living pleasing to His Holy Word and His Highway of Holiness!