Friday, December 28, 2012

Thanksgiving, Finally!

The Feast is On!

gourds and mini pumpkins, gifts from friends in IN, made decorating so much fun!

International Thanksgiving, our favorite!

Visiting outside while we ladies put the finishing touches on Dinner

PIT.  Need I say anymore?! =)

                                                   (Anyone ever notice how loud that game is besides ME?!)

                                    Shoots and Ladder's didn't require much English, so was a hit!!=)

Again... NUMBERS they could do WELL, even beat us!

Daryl with his Students and our children!

Weeds! never looked so fine! (And you sure can't beat the price!=)

This is my Daily Prayer... that all of us will make Heaven, at any cost!

Bittersweet, with a tad of hot glue to hold it in place! My Fav!

I'm so thankful for our family... This year my plate was so full when November hit, I wasn't sure how to get it all done.  Jesus had our little Bryan start me out, by offering to carry up all the decorations and he so enjoyed adding touches here and there, & I was so thankful, I was close to tears.  With his burst of energy, I found mine! Brittany and Darla added their touches to what Bryan and I had done. Natasha was swamped with classes and homework, but took a break that day and begged to decorate and set the table and did a fine job.  I'm grateful for everyone's help. God is so good to us and we do what we do because of what HE did for us.  We are what we are because of His Grace.


Leah said...

What cool pictures! When I think of your family and a holiday, for some reason I just picture a house full of people!

The Dickinsons said...

What a Bee-UUU-tiful spread! The gourds, pumpkins, burlap, white linens, china, long table filling the dining room and beyond, delicious Thanksgiving platters, special touches of classy decor, leaves and penmanship personalizing the place settings, and the "weeds" too bring such homey feelings. The glowing lamp in the parlor as well as F.A.M.I.L.Y. in the stained glass window look cozy too. What a blessed bunch of students to get to be with all of you! Hopefully someday we will qualify as international students. Hey, Andrew and Drew, if you're reading this, great job on the back porch. Yes, that prayer is our prayer too; that we all serve the Lord! May God give us the desires of our heart in this. We love and miss each of you, Phillip and family

The Dickinsons said...

Just now seeing this. I was gone most of the day today, but when I got back Phillip told me y'all had a new post! How FUN! Everything looked Beautiful and YUMMY too!! Loved all the pumpkins/gourds and LOVE your fun window with bittersweet on it. Thank you for opening up your hearts and your home to all of those kids/young people. I know they LOVED being with y'all over Thanksgiving!

Thanks for your fun comments on my blog today too!

Love and miss y'all tons and we're COUNTING the days until we can see y'all! =)

mmsbryan said...

Everything was absolutly beautiful! When I went with you in LA to choose your china before your wedding we would never have guessed where it would go and how it would bless the lives of those that you serve. I still love your choice of pattern. Your table setting was lovely, Natasha, as was all the precious souls that filled its chairs. May your guests long feel the love of God that your efforts showed. So glad for the little lad that could give Mommy the boost of energy needed for such a task. I love the mantel and the lovely art glass window and the "Indiana weeds" that graced your decorative window frame. Bittersweet is a favorite of mine too, proof that "your are your Moma's daughter" and I will be forever glad that God gave you to us. Love, Moma

PS So glad that you could do a post, it shows a glimpse of Daryl's vision for his students

The Dickinsons said...

Oh, that looks sooo cool and fun! Your table was really pretty!

Love, kimberly

Sherry L Dickinson said...

What a beautiful post! I so enjoyed looking at each picture, and the picture that caught my eye the most was the table that was set so pretty and that stretched clear down into the next room. Yes, I HAVE noticed that Pit is a loud game. I nearly laughed my self to death the time I played it. How neat that these young people are Daryl's students. Bless you guys for your kindness to these young people from half-way around the world. They couldn't have found a nicer place to spend their Thanksgiving Day. Smile. Love, Sherry in Phoenix