Thursday, April 09, 2015

Happy School "Daze" & Spring is HERE!!!

 While the older college girls were on Choir and Orchestra Tour this spring.... this is what WE were doing!!! =)
Just a ton of pics for now... cause I've been going too crazy to keep caught up!  Love these two FULL-OF-LIFE-Kids!!!!
Spirit Week... mismatch day!

Bryan's New Pastime!!! READING! to date he's on #20

Love this guy.  Momma and his sister's too busy to fix his coat... that doesn't stop him... out comes the needle and thread! And it's fixed now!!!

Happy Spring??!!  Our college girls were in FL when we got this!!!! =)

Our Dog Diesel decided to "share" the front porch chair with Bryan

so guess who was hungry.... for Chocolate?  Went to the kitchen and baked a Sheet cake from Scratch!!! 

the park we love to visit... was covered with water this Spring!

close as they can get w/o falling in...

These Two are always up to something!!!

Mechanic in the making!

Studying clouds in 5th grade!  Bryan thought this one looked like a ribcage!!!

Singin in the Rain and I caught it on film! =)

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The Dickinsons said...

Very fun pictures! I enjoyed seeing all of these pictures of your sweet kids. I couldn't believe that the park under the yellow bridge was covered over with water! Unreal! Sarah and Noah are going to look at these pictures now, I know they will love seeing their cousins and sidekicks. :-)
Thanks for posting!! Lots of love from Argentina!
Just posted a pic of us and wished you, Andrew, and Lincoln a "Happy Sibling Day" ...for today is happy sibling day! I wouldn't have known but I saw it on FB. :-) ~Heather~