Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happy Birthday, Natasha! And Happy Resurrection Day!

 We were thrilled this year to get to have our college kids HOME for a few days break from school and activities!  They still live here in Cinci with us... but I always tell people they are "away at college" and I'm NOT exaggerating much!  Our door is a revolving one with someone coming and leaving at all hours of the day... usually not too late at night, thanks to curfew! Smile! 

Friends as well as Sisters!

Easter Sunday!
 Poor Bryan tried and tried to smile without squinting... but this is the best shot we got.  We need a full time photographer to follow us around... and help us to get our hands out of our pockets! oh well! Love that kid so much anyway! Smiles! 

Gramp and Gramp and our Four

Etiquette would have Moma be in the middle... but our colors clashed, so I'm sure "Emily" would understand! =)

Thank you Moma for having the table all set in your beautiful China!

Easter treats in carrot bags at each place!

Goofin off while we were waiting for dinner to finish


My wonderful Man, doin his grillin thing!

Gramp and he visiting!

Adding the finishing touches to her "birthday meal" even if it was Easter! =)
 We were so happy Jesus worked it out for us to be able to go up and be with Moma and Daddy for Easter day.  We left early that a.m. and attended their service with them and were blessed to get to hear Daddy preach again.  Natasha's birthday was actually on Sat... but since she had to work, we chose to take our dinner up and borrow Gramp's grill and celebrate with them.  Not always am I able to offer to make them what they want for their birthday's, but sometimes I can.  This year Natasha requested her fave.... Grilled Monterrey Chicken, lil herbed red potatoes, steamed carrots, steamed broccoli and rolls.  Moma delighted my heart by making a pretzel salad... a FAVE of mine and it wasn't even my birthday!  And of course Natasha had to have a Chocolate Chip Pie to finish things off! (But of course that went so fast... we failed to get pics!=)

Happy Birthday, Girl... we sure do love you!

close up of the meal!
Thank you Natasha for giving Jesus your all!  Preparing now to be a teacher and make a difference in children's lives as we also honor those teachers you believed in you all your training years!  we are proud of you and love you So much!  Keep that sweet beautiful smile and your hand held tightly by God!  He has HUGE plans! By following His call on your life to teach, you can add to HIS kingdom... one child at a time!
Happy 22nd Birthday! Love, Mommy, & Daddy and your family

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The Dickinsons said...

I got to see this fun blog post several days ago on Phillip's phone, but I kept forgetting when I was on our computer to leave a comment. Thank you for posting it! I too was GLAD that you got to be together as a family for part of the Spring break! So NICE y'all could go over and celebrate Natasha's birthday with Daddy and Moma! I know they LOVED having y'all come over, and I know they ENJOYED your lovely and delicious meal as well! A big HAPPY Birthday to Natasha! Looks like it was a fun one! :-) Hugs, ~Heather and family~