Friday, May 22, 2015

Recitals and Relatives!

"Mom, babies are my weakness!" Thanks Aunt Dee for letting me hold her too! =)

This month has been a whirlswind as usual... but we've been so blessed! So hang on for the ride in Pics... a few at least!

not really our lil "cousin" but almost! =)

Missin this sweet one while she's in Cayman!

My Sweet Moma!
 We were so happy Moma and Daddy could join us for Mother's Day this year.  Thanks Daddy for taking us out for our Mother's Day meal.... ON SATURDAY! ;-)  Skyline was Delicious!!!
Daddy and Moma! This pic I caught just before they pulled away!

All my children!!!! =) we are all blowing away in the wind! ha!

This is for you Gram... Natasha dressed for a school history project!  She's wearing gram's authentic hoop skirt!

 Haus Projects are the focus again because school is out for Daryl!  His parents so enjoyed "helping" him and visiting while he worked.  And he LOVES havin someone there just to hand him tools etc and makes the time feel more profitable. =)
Finishing our deck!
 We were so blessed to have Dad and Mom Hausman come and visit us... the main reason they came in the spring of the year this time, was to get to attend and hear in person Brittany's last CCO concert!  We thought it fitting that Gramp and Gram were at her 1st CCO concert 2 years ago and her other grandparents were able to come to her last!  Thanks Mom and Dad for coming all this way and helping us celebrate!!!

Piano Recital at GBS campus

One year and a few weeks after her metal miracle and her smile is soooo sweet!!!!

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